Best My by MJ or MJ wallet for people used to HUGE wallets

  1. I want to get a new (or new to me) wallet for my lovely Faridah! Well, I mean, just in general, but she's so purty I feel like she should have a new wallet to go with. :shame:

    Now I'm not a packrat in general, but I am in my wallet! I have credit cards, business cards, cash, change, IDs, etc. all stuffed into mine (I think mine is just an old black leather wallet from some random dept. store). Are there any M by MJ wallets that can accommodate this?

    Here's what I've been looking at (click on the photos for more info):

    Totally Turnlock Flap Clutch

    Lovely Zip Clutch

    Luxy Leather Zip Clutch

    Lovely Zip Pocket Wallet

    Softy Zip Clutch (although I saw this in person and I'm kinda not diggin' the 2 front pockets, they seem superfluous)

    So I'm worried about these wallets busting open or bursting at the seams when they're full of my stuff, so I'm thinking maybe the Lovely Zip Clutch would be the most practical? What do you guys think? If anyone has one (or more) of these, I'd love a review.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I have the Luxy leather zip clutch and it accomodates quite a bit. It has a large snap-closure flap pocket on the outside which can hold a good amount of cards. I like it because it zips closed across the top so nothing falls out. It also has a zippered compartment in the inside which you could use for change.

    I think the lovely zip clutch is also pretty big but I don't have it so I'm not exactly sure.
  3. i actually originally bought the lovely zip clutch in brown (from Nordstrom) but i decided to purchase the luxy leather instead. i actually showed my boyfriend both styles (the lovely in person and the luxy online) and he liked the luxy better. so, i returned that and bought the luxy from (love the overnight shipping!)

    so it arrives and i show him the luxy and he goes "what? i liked the other one better..." haha... what does he know? then again, i was showing it to him while we were watching the pistons game on tv.

    but, i personally would go for the luxy leather. i haven't looked back since and LOVE using it. i can stuff it and it won't get so huge. the lovely is pretty and it's sophisticated.
  4. So 2 votes for the Luxy Leather Zip! Thanks guys! :heart:

    I want to see these babies in person. I need to plan a trip out to Bloomie's soon! :wlae:
  5. zip clutch
  6. MPJ, I saw the Lovely Zip Pocket Wallet in Barney's today and I think it fits a ton as it has many compartments for cards. I didn't see the wallet when I was in Bloomies though. Also, I saw the TT Flap clutch in Cusp in Georgetown and I think compared to the Lovely Zip Pocket Wallet, it doesn't fit as much. HTH! Oh, and my vote goes to the Lovely Zip Pocket Wallet of course because I think it's the cutest among all. :p
  7. I have the Lovely Zip Pocket Wallet and it's great! I can store a lot of cards because there are 2 sides to it with 8 card slots on each side (I even put 2 cards in some of the slots lol) and a coin compartment where I can not only store coins but even more cards. The only slight downside is that when I stuff too many things in it it looks really fat lol.
  8. This just showed up on Shopbop, the Dot Travel Wallet for $98 and thought you might be interested.

  9. Wen - Ooooh...I like that!! A lot! I can't do white, but I wonder if it comes in other colors?

    I'm leaning towards the Lovely Zip Clutch at the moment...I'm scared of the snaps popping on the Lovely Zip Pocket Wallet. :p
  10. ^ The Dot wallet also comes in Blue and Poppy! :biggrin: Can I tag along if you're purchasing this in store? :p
  11. But of course! When I start looking at the wallets and go to get one, we should do lunch and shopping! :wlae:Seriously, though, how fun would that be?
  12. YAY! :yahoo: Hopefully that'll be soon before grad school starts to get crazy but either ways, do let me know. :yes: Btw, I think the Lovely Zip Clutch is a good choice too. That was going to be my second pick but I have yet to see it in stores though.
  13. cute is this one?!


    I know it's not leather, it probably won't hold up as well...but I love the silly print! :p