Best Mulberry store in Amsterdam or Paris?

  1. I'll be in Europe next month and I want to buy a new Mulberry bag. What store should I go to in Amsterdam or Paris? What store carries the most merchandise?
  2. When I was last in Paris I only went to the big department stores on Boulevard Haussman, no idea if the range is big or small compared to others, but you'll find some there. They did have a few of the more offbeat styles such as patent mabel and a patent bayswater too.
  3. The mulberry Amsterdam store doesn't carry that much really - I've been waiting for a new oak bayswater to arrive for ages now (don't like the one they have at the moment). My friend visits Paris at least once a month (yes, he's spoiled) and he went to the mulberry store there to check it out for me. He said it's much better than the Amsterdam one, so I guess you'd better go to that one.
  4. Thank you!
  5. ^you're welcome, have fun in Europe and good luck with your Mulberry quest!
  6. Galeries Lafayette on Blvd Haussmann in Paris has a small selection, but nothing to write home about.
    That was the only big store I went to and I was disappointed with the selection....not that I was going to buy anything.
    I did buy some of the new Chloe eau de parfum and it smells lovely!
  7. The Mulberry sunglasses are sold in two shops in London and one in Paris so I guess that the later one has a pretty good assortment (207 Rue Saint Honoré).