Best Mulberry sale bargain ever!

  1. I went to the sale at Shepton Mallet today and was hoping to find a pink Hanover. I'd decided not to buy it from the website sale but to take a chance and hope the outlet had it cheaper.
    No Hanovers of any colour in the sale :tdown: and what was on offer was pretty limited so I was feeling a bit disappointed and heading out of the shop when I spotted something pink on the bottom shelf. Elbowed my way in and picked up a crushed strawberry Marta.
    Nearly keeled over when I saw the price - £49!!!!!! (RRP £495). :nuts: I had to triple check it before I believed it. Funnily enough the olive Marta was £147 and there was just the one pink one.
    With the 10 per cent first day discount I paid £44.10 - bargain or what?! :yahoo::yahoo:
    I will post pics asap but there is a pic of an oak Marta in the reference thread.
  2. Wow you can`t buy a Mulberry purse for that money what a great bargain, can`t wait to see some pictures.
  3. :nuts: Wow, that's unbelievable. What a find - well done!!

    Wasn't familiar with this one, so have just checked the other thread-looks very nice. Hard to tell the scale of it though, so I really look forward to your pics!

    Yippee, you must be really thrilled :yahoo:
  4. thats fab sarajane, bet the colour is to die for! I always think I get pretty cracking deals on my Mulberry's - best one ever was a coconut Araline for £50!
  5. Well done both of you bet you are delighted that kind of thing never happpens to me:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  6. Blimey :wtf: how did you manage that?!!! :tup:

    Sarajane, ive said it on another thread but I'll say it again... that really is the mulberry bargain of the year I think!!:yahoo:
  7.'re right - best bargain to boot!
    Congrats....oh yes, you must post CATWALK pics!!!
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!!! Well done!!:yahoo::nuts: I went to Chesh Oaks and Hanovers were the same price at £416,so I don't think you missed much!!!!
  9. Great find! Post a pic when you get a chance.
  10. Congratulations on your great find - you were at least destined to find a pink Mulberry!!!
    - must be the bargain of all sales!!!!

  11. Well done Sara Jane.You deserve it after looking forward to outlet sales and your 10% voucher for so long.:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. You are so jammy sarajane!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts: (can't believe you told hubby you were going swimming - did you wet your hair before you got home just to make it convincing???:angel:)

    Thanks for looking at the Antony's for me!

  13. Hahahahahahaaaaa!!! That is so funny!!! A real trooper!!!(MUST remember that one!!!):roflmfao::nuts:
  14. I took my swimmies with me and then had to rush in while he was at work, damp everything in the shower and then sling it over the radiator to look convincing.
    My mother sat on the sofa watching all this going on and then said; "Did you get anything in the Mulberry sale then?'!
    Max (6) pipes up at dinner last night - 'why did you go swimming so early Mummy?'!!! Had to steer conversation away pretty sharpish.
    Blitzing house at the mo but will do pics today and post later.
    Thanks for all your lovely comments, I'm pretty chuffed.
  15. Good God,and I thought I had a few tricks up my sleeve!!!! Sarajane I'm totally in awe of you (and taking notes!!!!hahahahaha!!!):nuts: