Best/Most stock?

  1. Any opinions which stores have the most bags "in stock" or who get bags regularly. I have only purchased from the SF store and Chicago...but seems lots of bags there get snatched up by folks who live in those towns and are able to get in face to face. I am in North Carolina (and I understand there will be a Hermes store here soon- yea!!) - and I am looking to try to add to my collection!
  2. I live in Atlanta and our Hermes is on the small side and has a limited selection on display. I have recently been informed, however, that they will be expanding next year and will be getting more bags.
  3. Hawaii, NYC, Beverly Hills...
  4. Rozz...The San Francisco Hermes store gets their new shipments every, when I go in, it's usually on Saturday hoping that they will have put some of that stock out. If you let me know what you're looking for maybe I can give you a heads up if I see it....I'd be really happy to do that. PM me if you like....I'll be heading in again I think this week-end or next.
  5. 1. NYC
    2. Beverly Hills
    3. Honolulu
    4. San Francisco
  6. wooo I would love to go to the Honolulu store. You think the SAs there are nicer? (w/ Hawaiian laid back attitude? :love:)
  7. oh yes the Hawaiian boutiques! Thank god for all those Japanese tourists or else there probably wouldn't be so many! lol
  8. That is really kind of you shopmom. You are are really good person.:yes:
  9. The great thing about the Hawaii boutiques is that everything goes right to the floor. No waiting lists and it's against their policy to hold anything for VIP's.
  10. WONDERFUL...Will shoot you an email later today!!!