Best Monogram pattern?


Favourite monogram signature print?

  1. GUCCI


  3. COACH

  4. DIOR

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  1. The most famous flashy monogram/signature patterns, which one do you like the most?

    ........Gucci................... Louis Vuitton............ Coach ..................or Dior?


    Remember, it's not about your favourite brand, it's about the design of the pattern. :yes:
  2. Design-wise the Coach. But I don't wear monograms.
  3. my favorite brand is LV but the pattern itself i think i would have to go with Coach...
  4. For me, it's a tie between Gucci and LV. On the Gucci pattern, I like how the dots and GG logos create a diamond pattern. On the LV, I like the fleurs. The Coach is okay, I guess, but it's just Cs. The Dior pattern is just the word Dior repeating. Not all that interesting.
  5. I think the LV pattern looks the best.
    Then Gucci, then Dior, then Coach.
  6. I like LV and Gucci the best. They are very classic and reminds me of old decorations based on classical princibles and harmony. To me coach is hard on the eyes, and I think it looks a bit cheap and badly co-ordinated. Dior is not that hard on the eyes, but it still looks messy.
  7. I like the LV pattern most..then coach...then gucci...then dior
  8. You forgot Fendi and Goyard! :confused1:
  9. Even though I'm not a huge fan, I have to go with Gucci on this.
  10. I'm an LV girl, but I think I'll have to go with Gucci on this one.
  11. Wow! I thought Dior would be right up there.
  12. and LV around the same..then gucci
  13. I love lv, voted for Coach.. but don't wear monogram of any kind.
  14. like LV the most, Dior the least for some reason but still wouldn't mind a cute dior monogram bag.
  15. I like Gucci the best but I'm finding that I am really getting out of the mono phase.....going for soft leather...