Best Moment of The 2007 Hermes Year!

  1. It is that time again to wrap up another year here on our subforum and to kick off 2008 at Hermes.

    So, what exactly was your best Hermes sub-forum moment of the year? Was it someone's reveal thread? Was it a big laugh we all enjoyed? Maybe a new member that joined us?

    Let's take some time to look back on 2007 and the great times we had!

    So, who is going to start???:girlsigh:
  2. Well, I just barely got to tpf, I joined at the end of October, and I feel so overwhelmingly great because of how wonderful everyone is. I was even lucky enough to get a present from the Raisin Angel! I don't know how I survived without these wonderful people in my life for so long. Thanks to everyone for being so supportive and lovely :heart:
  3. off the top of my head, i loved sp's bathtub full of birkins! also gina_b's reveal with the hermes love story was very cool.
  4. Oh there are so many... The best reveal was when Megs finally got her dream Birkin.
    Also RB accomplishing her goal and saving for her Hermes Herbag!! The Raisin Angel and so many others..:heart:
  5. The NYC H get together in the spring. Who knew you could make so many IRL friends from an internet group? I love, love, love these dear friends and now can't imagine life without them! :heart:
  6. Becoming friends with Penny, which happened because of the RAOK.
  7. To be honest, there are just too many to count, I love hearing about the Push Babies and Push Presents, Knee Pads, Jock Straps, all the lovely drinks...The strip teases...The list is endless, I remember Jag, Megs and RRB getting bags, some ladies going to a Jewellery Trade Show. A flower made out of Birkins, the ladies going to Hermes events, I will remember more but that's it for now...Oh and the way the ladies describe things and use words to make it interesting is pretty cool.x
  8. I echo the above, and also loved the Paris threads and reveals, GinaB's reveals, PBC's Vegas reveals and MIL's Birkin, ATG's grail scarf fairy, RC's fab closet, meeting up with TPFers, and the general kindness and willingness to help on this board from my dear friends. Love you all!
  9. my fav was ilovemylife's thread with all her outfits going with her birkins!
  10. My biggest personal moment was getting my first piece of H, an RAOK gift from some incredible women. Second, getting my bag, tied with when I got my grail scarf from the Grail Scarf Fairy. Oh, that, and the PM I got from GucciGal "OMG LOOK!" where she found my grail for $129! :love:

    My favorite thread would probably be ILML's outfits/bags thread, too. It was great! And Candace getting her first piece of H. That was wonderful.

    So many amazing women and such cool memories! :tup:
  11. I think all of the stories of kindness--all of the random RAOKs and members helping members acquire their "grail" items.

    Personally, my best moment has been slowly working my way on to this board. I acquired my first H in the spring and am still getting my feet wet in terms of learning about H and in "meeting" all of the tpf H ladies!!
  12. Oh and Ilovemylife travelling trip - what to wear and RC's Closet and Baggs Closet, there really is so much!x
  13. I can not even begin to say how much I have enjoyed the Hermes sub forum in 2007. I have "met" such amazing ladies on this forum, and count my many "cyber friends" among my greatest blessings. I will always remember obtaining my first Hermes handbag and my first reveal on this forum.
    I have enjoyed all the excitement of the reveals, but my very favorite 2007 H forum experience is becoming friends with Merika through the RAOK. She is such a delightful person and we have had such fun through the RAOK exchange.
    All of you are very special - thanks for the 2007 memories!!
    Love u all!
  14. Number one for me would be ILML's threads. She is definitely Rookie of the Year

    Second would be transcendent's love poems to Mr Lau. Hilarious and with that touch of whimsy that is so Hermesque.
  15. Oh, I find so many things to love about the 2007 "H" sub-forum! Meg's attacking NY "H" and coming home with her dream bag! RBB's awesome surprise. CB getting her jige, all the great reveals! My own amazing Grail Scarf Fairy!

    Too many to list and all of them precious and amazing.

    I can't begin to count how many times I've laughed while reading posts on the forum. I only hope 2008 is as good!