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  1. Hello!

    All of my bags are mini bags, so I am on the hunt for a "mom" bag - something that can fit a good amount but still look put together. I'm not a big fan of the Neverful, and am mainly considering the Siena MM and Neonoe.
    If you have any opinions on these bags or ideas of bags that could work, I would appreciate it!
  2. Do you like the OnTheGo?!? It fits a lot and in my opinion the straps are longer and very comfortable when loaded up.
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  3. Another vote for the On The Go, absolutely loving it!
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  4. Siena mm gets my vote. I've seen some lovely pictures of this bag being carried on Instagram by young moms.
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  5. I would suggest the Siena MM over the Neo Noe. I am currently carrying the Neo Noe and I get frustrated with the strings sometimes. It would not have been a good choice for me when my children were younger as I always carried their "stuff" as well. The Sienna MM wins with the large open area and zippered top.
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  6. On the Go. I have the NeoNoe and that bag would not work for me as a mommy bag. The accessibility of an open tote is your best bet, and the NeoNoe is NOT that. Though I love it!
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  8. I vote for siena mm. as a mommy of a toddler myself i prefer a zippered bag and a versatile bag as i always need to catch up with my son. sometimes things fall off so i need a zippered bag. Longchamp bags are good and inexpensive.
  9. I own both and prefer my Siena MM...:heart:
  10. Hi there! I Have the never full GM, the artsy and some other larger LV and other brand bags that could do as a mom bag. But when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a hands-free option. So I purchased the Palm Springs MM backpack as a baby bag and I’m thrilled with my choice. I would just Suggest looking at some backpack options because of the ease it brings to be totally hands-free
  11. I have the Neverfull gm, Palma spring backpack mm and just got the speedy b 30. I have a 4 year old and find all of them extremely useful!
  12. I would also vote no against the NeoNoe as a mom bag. I wouldn’t say it’s all that large and the middle zippered pouch splits the inside of the bag in half. And like a previous poster said, loosening and tightening the strings to get something out of the bag can be a hassle. I absolutely love the bag but it’s definitely not a mom bag. The On The Go could work though. It’s huge and appears to be pretty sturdy.
  13. Really happy with the speedy b 30 as a “mom bag”. We are past the bottle stage but diapers, wipes, spare outfit, water bottle all fit with plenty of extra space. I carry it daily on our adventures with all that plus sunglasses, snacks, umbrella, wallet, key pouch (clipped to the outside), and there is still room.
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  14. Sienna MM. The pros are the secure closure, the capacity, and versatility in that it can be carried crossbody, shoulder, or top handle. I really like how the neonoe is compartmentalized, but I don’t care for the drawstring closure.
  15. I use a Pottery Barn backpack for my kids stuff, and a small crossbody for me. So I would choose a small LV crossbody if I were you, or an LV backpack. Like others have said though, it totally depends on how old your kids are as to what you need to carry with you.
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