Best mom bag?

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  1. I have an 8 month old and I bought a Siena MM last week. It's classic and feminine, while still being practical.
  2. Siena, Turenne, Pallas or Pallas BB, Ponthieu, Lymington. All bags I can wear crossbody:smile:
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  3. There is a thread that the flower zipped tote bb can’t be worn crossbody and the LV site had the wrong length listed for the strap. I also looked on YouTube and saw one video and it is a shoulder strap.
  4. When I had a toddler and a newborn my go to bag was my Large Noe in monogram. The sturdy leather adjustable strap and size were perfect. I used that bag for over 20 years and then gave it to my best friend who used it daily. I also bought a Noe GM in Azur. I used some makeup type cases organizers in the bag to separate my things which made them east to reach and transfer to other bags. I like this style better than the New Neonoe due to the construction of having super sturdy straps and the leather trim on top. Even though the bag had leather on the bottom I did use products that kept it cleaned and never had any problems. But I also was. When the Neonoe came out I thought I might buy one but the straps to me just didn’t look secure enough long term. And now some people have posted problems with the top seam of the bag. While the Noe is discontinued I do see some in excellent condition in Fashionphile every now and then.

    I also had a Neverfull GM and MM but eventually got tired of the open top and to me it was. It the most comfortable to carry especially when wearing a coat. I love the Speedy bags. I think the SoeedyB in 35 is a perfect size. I actually saw a video posted of a mom with a 40 and to me that was a great bag size. I had the 40 in the regular speedy and kind of miss the size now because to me is is a great bag that. An be filled or carried with just a small amount of things yet still has a slouch design that doesn’t make it look bulky.

    For me with kids comfort was a must. Then the design and being large enough for my needs. Feeling like there will not be corner issues. Another bag I loved and I regret trading to a relative was my Delightful GM. While the bag is big it was very comfortable to carry and had a nice slouch.

    Good luck in your search.
  5. I now use a bag made by Dream Luxury Cebu. This firm quickly gained my sympathy. They offer only authentic bags. You can pick up something from the store yourself.
    Most of all I like the opportunity of authentication service. No one can fool you with this approach. These quality assurance gave me confidence a couple months ago when I bought this bag. But this is only my personal experience. What is important - the bag after two months of active wear now looks like new!
  6. Turenne, speedy b 30, delightful MM and my neverfull MM have all been great. I don't buy anything I can't use while with my daughter. My lumineuse pm is too heavy to use everyday so I would say no Empriente.
  7. I know there are a whole lot that can be worn crossbody...but which one is made for someone who doesn’t like to wear a crossbody but has to so pretty much which one is the most comfortable crossbody ever made?
  8. As soon as you go bigger than say, a Pochette accessoires, in cross body it will not be comfortable after a while. The bigger the bag the more you put in and that just pulls down in one shoulder which is so bad for your posture. You will not find a cross body bag that is large for all your kids bits AND comfortable. I think you need a backpack! :biggrin:
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  9. Great minds! i was just coming here to post that the more I think about it the more speedy b 35 doesn’t make sense because I’ll just overfill and make it heavy lol I have 2 delightfuls and a Neverfull GM for the carry everything days so in reality I’m looking for something just a bit bigger than a pochette Felicie/accessories (also have both of those) for the days where I need just a few more things with me to chase kids around the playground. Sooo back to searching I go. That neonoe is looking better and better :smile:
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  10. I think the Neverfull and Totally are the best mom bags. Crossbody would be the Turrene. My girls are 8,4,and 5 months. I myself have the Graceful, but the corners are too sharp and will eventually be a peeling problem. I use the pochette accessoires when it’s just me out. I’m looking at the zippered flower tote in noir. The strap is non-adjustable. I am tiny, so it fits me fine. Here is me trying it on, 4’10.5”. Also my SA holding it IMG_3849.JPG IMG_3851.JPG IMG_3852.JPG IMG_3853.JPG
  11. I really don't like crossbodys. The only two bags I can carry crossbody are the Pallas bb and the pochette Metis. Very confortable.
  12. Thank you so much for the pictures. This bag is sooo pretty I just wish the strap was a bit longer why are you hesitant to get it?

    Did you find that the thicker strap is more or less comfortable than the thinner straps that usually come with other bags? did you happen to notice if the strap on the bb is longer than on the mm? I think the site says yes but someone here said they’re the same length

  13. I know, me too. I like the look on others but I feel awkward with a crossbody. I just don’t think I can get away from it right now, need my hands free and don’t always have the stroller with me to keep my bag there.

  14. I've always found bags heavier cross body, except for those two. But I admit that it is great to be hands free.
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  15. Hello
    I am pretty camera shy... I just got it and I love it!! That front zipper is still suuuuper smoooooth still it’s so light without anything in it. I can’t wear it now since it’s rainy where I am but it will be my daily bag when rains stop. It’s very casual and perfect for picking up the kids, zoo, amusement parks, playgrounds, etc. my kids are not babies so I can wear this... I would not recommend if you’ve got kids still in diapers and washing hands a lot because of all the vachetta.
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