Best mom bag?

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  1. Hi! I have two babies (2.5 and 15 months). I’m in the process of cleaning out bags that aren’t really usueful for me at this point in my life. That also means I’m looking to replace them with ones that are. So I got the Neverfull GM for the days when I need to haul diapers/snacks/entertainment along with my stuff (sunglasses, wallet, etc). Love it.

    I was never a fan of cross body bags but I picked up a pochette Felicie a few months ago and I love it for running quick errands and sometimes keeping it in the Neverfull as a wallet. It is too small for trips to the playground or mall where I need throw in my sunglasses or a snacks so I’m looking for suggestions for something a bit bigger...still hesitant to say I want a cross body bag because I I find most of them uncomfortable but I think that might be the best solution for me right now.

    I’m considering
    1) neonoe - loooved the dark pink interior but I guess it’s unvailable now so maybe red....
    2) flower zipped tote in bb or mm...haven’t seen it in person but reminds me of my soft lock it I recently had to give up so love it’s shape and the fact that eventually I can switch from the cross body to arm hook or hand which was my preferred way to carry a bag before kids
    3) maybe a speedy bandouilere 30/35? Recently sold my first LV which was a speedy so it holds a special place in my heart....

    Any opinion? Anything that I’m missing? I think I’d prefer to stay away from leather because it scares me around my kids and as much as I love the look and durability of Damier Ebene I find the straps are slippery and more uncomfortable than leather on other bags.

    Thanks for any and all help! Mod shots always helpful :smile:
  2. I have a speedy b35 in azur ... Great mom bag for me I can post a pic tomorrow morning :smile:
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  3. IMG_9199.JPG
    Oh wait ! Just found this In my phone from 2years ago. Hope it helps
  4. Thanks! It looks great on you. I had a 30 but in an older material that didn’t hold up well and I always said I wanted it a bit bigger. Now I was afraid the 35 might be too big but I forgot the beauty of this bag is that you can put as little or as much as you need into it.
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  5. I am waiting for a Montsouris mm in the mail!
  6. I thought Flower zipped tote would have been my unicorn because of zipper and strap. Then I found out that the strap is not long enough to wear crossbody. I am torn
  7. Did you try it crossbody? On the LV site it says that the strap can be worn diagonally across the body.
  8. Take a hard look at the Iena mm. I bought it last month and love it so much I ordered the pm this week. The MM is perfect for a mom bag and I plan to use it when I need a larger space/travel. BUT-would have loved it when my children were younger (college age now). It would have given me a psace to haul their snacks, extra "stuff" for children as well as still feel fashionable. I have it in the DE and the handles are soft and stay up on my shoulder. Super handbag!! 3 slip pockets and one large zip pocket on the outside. Love the Iena!!
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  9. For sturdiness I’d say the Speedy 30b or 35b, for you kids ages too. I’d be hesitant with an Iena or flower tote as they have folded corners so may not hold up in the long term for being thrown about. I found a Speedy B to be the only bag suitable for use with kids.
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  10. Oh no, I had asssumed the strap was long enough for crossbody. It’s not adjustable? Did you have a chance to try it on? And are you considering the mm or the bb? Such a small price difference on this bag I’m torn which size I would get if it came down to it...
  11. Please share pics with when it arrives! I love the backpack look on everyone except myself lol it would literally solve all my mommy bag problems I just haven’t worn a backpack since sophomore year in HS
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  12. Thanks, I’ll take another look at it. I think my neverfull gm is my haul bag for now, it just gets too much to carry it and my younger one. It’s great when I can throw it in the stroller but my son is walking but still needs to be carried quite a bit now so I need the option of a smaller bag that can fit the necessities and not move around too much when I’m chasing kids
  13. I think the bb size can be, but the mm can’t...that just made me sad since out of the 3 I’m considering that one is definitely the prettiest...although probably least practical
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  14. Good point about the folded corners...i’m hesitant to get a 35 because I feel I will probably overfill it ‍♀️ I feel it is probably also much lighter than the flower zipped tote so therefore also more comfortable for crossbody carry
  15. Speedy b is the best with kids because of how it can be carried in different ways and it can be zipped when they start to get into things. Because you have 2 kids, I think the speedy b 35 in damier ebene to be the most practical and durable. If you are carrying one child, you will want a zipper to close it up.