Best MJ bag for work??

  1. Hi ladies, I am new to MJ! I've been saving up for a $1500 LV Epi bag, but I need a black work/school bag now and I can't afford it right away. I was wondering which fall MJ bag you'd recommend for carrying a 13" laptop (with soft case), folders, notebook, wallet, water bottle, etc.?

    I have my eye on the Turnlock Teri Tote or the Quinn Tote, and have even been thinking about getting a RED bag. What do you all think? I don't want something SUPER flashy, but I want a professional-looking and solid bag that can hold that above stuff. Oh yeah, and I commute by subway so it has to be comfy to carry! :yes:

    Thanks ladies!! ;)
  2. I saw agirl on the subway with this bag, it was stone.

    It's also a nice bag.
  3. ^^ that's beautiful too, HUGE though! :smile: I'm thinking I should go try some on, if I can find them. I'd like to get the smallest one that will fit my laptop, since big bags can be bulky on the subway/ bus. I like the dividers and central zip pocket on the shopper.
  4. yes, def. hit up either the MJ store, or even bloomies or something, see them in person!
  5. Agreed.

    I use MbyMJ bags for work and school - I'm too paranoid to bring my MJ's to work/school. I've never carried my laptop in anything other than my laptop bag and backpack. I'm always afraid I'm going to break my MJ's if I carry anything heavy in there.
  6. I would try out a blake or a ryder...but the ryder might be a little more flashy for the office.
  7. The Hudson is a big bag so you might want to look into that. It's very chic, not too flashy for the office, and it has three divided compartments. Two compartments are zippered so you can keep your keys, wallet, etc. in it without worrying about pickpockets on the subway. The middle compartment is the biggest and it's open so you can keep your folders and work stuff there. Also, this is a shoulder bag so it's easy to carry.
    To give you an idea of size.

    The bag is below $1500.
  8. I think the point is she was looking for a less expensive bag because she's saving up for a different bag?
  9. Hee hee, yes, the Hudson is such a gorgeous bag and looks GREAT on you, but unfortunately at this point in time I only want to spend less than $500. :smile:

    And I think Marc by Marc bags look fantastic for the price they are at...
  10. Haha. Sorry. I read your post late at night and I thought you wanted to use the $1500 you saved up to put it towards a MJ bag.
  11. Excuse me. I'm a dumbass. Okay. Thanks.
  12. Perhaps a Stella if you can find a genuine one you like on e-bay? I've been using mine for over 4 years day-in, day-out for work. I've also fairly recently purchased the "Soft Calf Tote" which is a nice roomy bag for work. Good luck in your search!