Best mini-purse/wallet

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm looking for a wristlet/continental wallet sized bag that has multiple (around 5) credit card slots, multiple compartments, room for an iPhone, keys, and a lipstick.

    I've looked into wallets with short chains that are possible contenders. The Fendi and Kate Spade wallet with chain is what i'm looking for. But im not sure they are large enough to fit all my essentials. Does anyone have experience with these? If so, what can you fit in there. Ideally, my future bag will have a chain I can wear on the shoulder or around my wrist. It will normally sit in my bigger bags, but if I'm running am errand, I'd like to have all my essentials in one place.

    Have you seen anything like this? Please post pictures if you own something like this. Please help me find my dream bag!! Thanks so much.
  2. I second lin's suggestion. The Balenciaga Giant Chic is nice, too.

    Is this the Kate Spade wallet you meant? It's not a bad size.
  3. that KS is actually pretty freakin cute faith
  4. agreed. it might be the first KS in a long while i would be interested in buying.
  5. that KS is gorgeous, i want
  6. Love that kate spade!!