best mineral makeup?

  1. i'd really like to try mineral makeup, can anyone recommend me anything? how's bare escentuals?
  2. If you're a beginner try bare escentuals beginners kit from sephora, have the SA help you to find the perfect foundation colour.

    If you want also send away for a free kit from everyday minerals ( and I find that their products are better and more fine/matt, not as shiney or sparkly as BE.

    Good luck! :smile: I love mineral makeup and will never go back to anything else
  3. I'm loving Everyday Minerals. The quality is excellent and the price absolutely cannot be beat! (Check out the Premium Kabuki brush) and they have EXCELLENT customer service. The first time I ordered I didn't receive anything after 3 weeks so I e-mailed them. They resent my order no questions asked. Turns out the 1st one was just held up by Canada customs (no fault of theirs). THey were so easy to deal with.
  4. I LOVE Glo Minerals.

    It's reccommended by derms and it works great for my skin. Polishes it off w/out looking or feeling like I have makeup on. (You can also now buy it at Beauty Brands) It's not terribly expensive!
  5. Another vote for Everyday Minerals. I am obsessed with it and cannot even begin to tell you how many compliments I've gotten on my skin since I have started using it. :tup:
  6. I'm obsessed with Glo Minerals as well!! I love how it comes in the pressed base rather than the loose powder. I find it less messy and easier to apply. :tup:
  7. I have used Jane Iredale and BE for years and been happy. But given the number of people on this forum that rave about Everyday Minerals, I just ordered my free samples. I'm really excited to see how it compares to the other brands - and really nothing beats free samples!
  8. ^ Just a heads up about Everday Minerals samples...they are a bit hard to work with because the lids are tiny. When I got the samples (which are pretty generous in size really), I tapped the minerals into my BE lids when I wanted to apply. Hope this helps! :smile:
  9. I've been using bare escentuals for 4 years now & I love it. People are always asking me what makeup I wear because they say my face looks flawless.
  10. thanks so much for the information about the samples! :tup: it's so incredibly cool that they do that and their prices are great :yes:...i used BE on and off but haven't really been loving it lately so i just ordered my everyday minerals sample kit :wlae:

    i also really wanna try the glominerals but i have about five million foundations sitting on my dresser and really shouldn't be buying a foundation, especially if i can't try out the colors before buying-but i hope one day i can find it in a store it sounds great :rolleyes:
  11. ^ You're welcome! :smile: I used to be a BE freak and still love their products. However, after trying EM, I must say that the application is more flawless, and you do not get that sparkly discoball look that some people complain about with BE.
  12. THe absolute easiest ever to apply...totally agree. I love how you stiple (sp?) it into the face as well.

    HAve you tried the finishing spray that they make that you're to put over top? OMG.....I can't live w/out that!!! It just finishes it and if you have a tendancy at all to be dry, it add that bit of moisture w/out a stitch of stickiness!!:tup:
  13. I've used Pur Minerals for the past number of years and really like it.
  14. Thanks for the tip. I'll try your suggestion. I can't wait to compare!
  15. I use True Cosmetics and buy it from my eyebrow lady in SF @