Best Mike & Chris deals????

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  1. Hi, I've been looking to purchase a Mike & Chris leather jacket forever now. I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get it for the best deal online..if you know any coupon codes that can be applied to them as well, please equip me with them! THANKS!!!:heart:
  2. I would love to know the answer to this as well! I've known about M&C for a while now, but I'm convinced I need to now have one of their leather jackets :heart:
  3. FYI: A friend of mine works at a retail store that sells Mike and Chris and she said the leather jackets run VERY small.
  4. ^really? :confused1: I think they're run very true to size (for a snug fit)! I tried on their leather jackets (and I own a few fleece hoodies), and their XS's fit me very well! (I'm 5'4", 92 lbs) If you can wait, you should try to go to their sample sales, they usually have a few leather jackets. Additionally, I've seen them on sale @ Ron Herman before..
  5. i heard that they run small too on their leather jackets. i love the jacket currently on their website. get it c'est!
  6. i got great deals on my jackets using coupon codes. you just have to be on the lookout. for example, i got 30% the jasper from

    in terms of sizing, they are generally true to size but if you like to layer, i recommend sizing up.
  7. I own a small and the small is small - I am a size 2 and can basically only wear a thin t-shirt under it. So it will be better for spring.

    Revolve clothing, Tobi, Pink Mascara all have sitewide coupon codes throughout the year, you have to look for them, though.
  8. I agree on running small. I normally wear a medium but bought a large in the Grant jacket
  9. I wish they had a swatch so I could get a better idea of what kind of color it is! Great deal though!!
  10. omg thank you!!!!! i've been wanting the bryant for like ever and never pay retail. so glad they had my size, hopefully they're legit..!
  11. That's a great price on the Bryant. That particular jacket runs TTS. I sized up based on what I was told about M&C sizing, but it was too big, so had to return.
  12. darn, i was hoping i could get away with a small...
    maybe they'll stock xs soon!
  13. Man, I've been wanting one of these jackets forever. I so hope the restock. I've already missed on great deal.