Best microdermabrasion at home machine??

  1. So what is a PMD device and where do you order it from?
  2. wow!! Cherrasaki thats great keep me updated i will be with you of any help needed. :yahoo::smile:
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    ^Thank you Kelly! I just received it yesterday and will be trying it out soon.

    It's a microdermabrasion device you can use at home. You can order it from various websites or directly at the pmd website.

    If you search you can find discounts. Groupon had a good discount a while back but its not available anymore but I have seen discounts up to 25% off which you can use which isn't bad. If you want to purchase and need help finding a discount pls let me know. :smile:
  4. hiii Cherrasaki, how are you doing with your new microdermasion machine. If you have applied it then tell me how was your result.
  5. Congrates Cherraski, how are you doing with your machine.
  6. I just ordered a great deal from Good Morning America deals and steals! Can't wait to try it :smile:))))
  7. Just tried this for the first time and I looooooooove it! My skin is glowing!! Can't wait to see the results after a few months of use...
  8. My friend just bought this from QVC and others have told me to give it a try. Seeing what other people think.