Best messenger for scooter

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  1. Hi!

    I'm the new proud owner of a fabulous new black Vespa scooter (GTS 250), and am in the process of getting the proper accessories (not to mention learning to ride it).

    I'm looking for a messenger, preferably LV. There are lots of standard messengers out there, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a bag that can only be worn over the shoulder - like a sling bag for lack of a better term?

    I'm 5"1' and my main goal is to be balanced on my scoot. A regular messenger bag can be worn over the shoulder of course, but I find the ones I've tried have a tendency to move around the body depending on how I move. A sling-type of shoulder bag wouldn't move as much (I would imagine).

    Does anyone know of an LV bag like this? I've looked but am not as familiar with all the bags as some on this forum!

  2. my favorite messenger/cross body bags are the pochette bosphore and the saumur 30! the pochette bosphore is smaller but super cute. the saumur is much much better looking in person than in pictures and i saw a girl wearing it at a concert recently and totally fell in love with it. i researched on here and read comments that it looked dated and 80's ish...but that's totally wrong. it doesnt look either of those things and seems like such an easy bag to throw on and go about your day! i think either will look great on your new scooter :yes:
  3. How about a Bosphore pm?
  4. Thanks for the tips -

    I have the Pochette Bosphore - love it, but it's a bit too small. But that might not be a bad thing I guess if I'm concerned with movement and balance.

    I like the Bosphore PM as well - it's a good size. And all the others models that I like I suspect will be too big, especially on me, being so short. But I think I'd prefer something Damier - and to my (limited) knowledge, the Bosphore PM is only available in mono?

    I'm terrible with my mono bags - the Damier really holds up better to my abuses.