Best messenger for a busy mom?

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  1. Hey gals! I'm thinking that I might need to add a messenger to my stash! I love my shoulder bags, but I think for the times when I have the baby with me I should have a cross-body bag in my collection. Any recommendations? I was eyeing up the Mona Lethal, but I don't know if it would be deep enough. TIA!
  2. I don't know how deep you need it to be - but the Mona Lethal is pretty big and holds a lot (umbrella, book, sandwich, sweater, misc. purse stuff). I love the usable pockets on the outside, and the wide shoulder strap is really comfortable. I also love the way it hangs really close to the body, and doesn't bounce around. I went with the blueberry, and love it!!!
  3. ^^ That is my dilemma too! I have been looking at the mona lethal in truffle for some time but now comes the getting warmer. I wonder which I would like better :confused1: I think the getting warmer is a bit wider.
  4. getting warmer is wider. Im getting mine in grape today so Ill try to post a comparison tonight!
  5. I think "getting warmer" looks AMAZING!
  6. Getting Warmer looks like a great bag! Or maybe Butane Jane... the Mona Lethal wouldn't be wide enough for my stuff.
  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Amanda is bigger than the ones previously mentioned, but I like that you can wear it as a shoulder bag or crossbody depending on how you use the strap.
  8. ^^ I always forget it can do that lol! Wow, I own a messenger bag! who knew!
  9. I've thought about the Mona, and I was on the fence about it for a long time, but I'm not sure about it because it looks pretty "flat", if that makes sense. However, I love the idea of being able to fold it over and use the lower loops for times when I'm without the kiddies! Such a neat bag.

    TE, I will be anxiously awaiting your Getting Warmer pics! That bag looks just awesome!

    I've debated the Amanda Playwith for a long time but I just don't know if it's the bag for me. Maybe if I can find it in pool or dandelion, because I already have grape and raspberry bags and a truffle and pearl on the way! I think I am an official Tanoholic!! :P