Best MC LV

  1. If you would have only one MC LV style, what would it be and why??:drool:
  2. The trouville. i just think its a cute, soft femmine bag and just like the edgeness of the gold studs.
  3. I like my MC Rita.
  4. I only own a white MC bandeau at the moment. If I had to choose only one MC bag, it would be the Speedy! I love the classic shape with a fun twist of all the colors.
    And for accessories: the MC Wapity, so cute :p
  5. i only have a wapity and alma, but i would looooooooooove the rita!!!! :rochard:
  6. Trouville and Priscilla are my favorites...
  7. Speedy
  8. speedy is my favorite... I love the brass corners and for sure shape... speedy is my favorite style in all patterns..
  9. I love my MC Priscilla! It's so feminine and surprisingly roomy!
  10. I already have the white cles, koala wallet, and wapity, but if I ever owned a MC bag, I would choose the white Trouville.

    I just don't know if I would ever carry it, because I prefer the multicolore in small accessories.
  11. Black Mc Petit Noe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Bag Ever!
  12. Priscilla! It's soo cute and yummy :yes:
  13. My pick would be Speedy!
  14. speedy
  15. I like the Marilyn....