Best Matte Face Powder??

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  1. Hey guys, I have a really oily T-zone and find myself in need of a matte powder to apply over foundation..?? I've got pretty fair-light medium asian skin, if that matters.. HELP! :Push:
  2. Mac has a new Mineralize Skinfinish Natural thats what is called and it's great. You will love it the only thing is that it is limited so stock up. If it's not in your area yet you can order it online. You can wear it by it's self or over foundation. If you get it buy it with the #182 Buffer brush. Trust me you will be in love.
  3. MAC's Blot powder is good. Also, MAC's Matte (a gel in a tube) is a primer that keep helps to keep you oil-free.
  4. The mac matte cream is great you put it on you t-zone before you foundation. You can also use it on your eye lids put that on first then use the paint and then the shadow and your eye lids won't crease.
  5. I've heard the armani foundations are great for that! And they give out samples so you can try it out first.
  6. Awesome! You guys are great :smile:
  7. Mac Blot and Jurlique Lavendar Silk Dust are my faves for oily skin.:yes:
  8. Btw, that dog is ADORABLE. i can't stop "aww"ing!
  9. I've been really happy with Lorac's Wet-Dry pressed powders!
  10. Thank you, MzSherry!:heart:
  11. im using BOBBI BROWN oil-free press power!!
  12. CHANEL Double Pressed Powder
  13. Mac Blot is without a doubt is the best on the market.
  14. I ordered some MAC blot on Saturday-can't wait to get it! You ladies are the best!
  15. I use Mac Blot as well. Love cakey finish.
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