Best MATTE Blush?

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  1. laura mercier's nectar blush is perfect for my pale asian skin but they discontinued it last year and since then ive been using nars orgasm. its a bit too sparkly at times so im looking for something similar to the nectar one. anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I can't tell about the colors, but I recommend looking at the MAC Sheertone Blushes (not "Sheertone Shimmer"), they are matte and buildable in color! Good luck
  3. MAC Peaches! or is it Peach?
  4. I've heard great things about Illamasque's blushes. They have a huge range of colors and I believe the majority of their blushes are matte. So you might be able to find a dupe through them.
  5. I love matte blush, too, and my favorites tend to be in the apricot/nectar/peach range as well. I would recommend that you check out Illamasqua Blush in Expose (don't freak out about the colors in the pan - they are gorgeous on, and well worth the price...just use a fan brush), MAC Peaches (love this), or Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar. All are wonderful. :smile:
  6. thank you for replying! i went to my local sephora to try out illamasqua but they dont carry that brand at all!! :sad:
    so im checking out and illamasqua website, but how does 'expose' and 'lover' compare?
    on sephora website it says: 'expose: soft peach' and 'lover: vibrant apricot'
    and on illamasqua website it says: 'expose: soft terracotta' and 'lover: soft apricot'
    so confusing...
  7. I am very fair (MUFE 115 and MAC NW15) and I love MAC's The Perfect Cheek.

    Harmony is also a good, light MAC matte blush.

    and I love Emote as a contour :love:
  8. NARS makes really nice matte blushes. Try Gina or Gilda. ;)
  9. I have Illamasqua's Lover and it is exquisite! It is a beautiful, light apricot. I don't have any experience with your Laura Mercier blush so I can't compare the colors, but I think the Lover will be lighter and more cooler toned than Expose. I don't think Lover is "vibrant apricot" as much as "light sort-of vibrant apricot". (I have light-medium toned skin, by the way.) It's seriously gorgeous and worth a shot!
  10. I don't know any matte blushes to help you but I'm sorry for your loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. try Illamasqua! they have some nice matte blushes!
  12. I third MAC Peaches... it's stunning! :love:
  13. I agree with Loquita about Bobbi Brown blushes. The Nectar is a very beautiful peachy pink shade. I think it'll look great on you.
  14. Illamasqua have some nice matte shades. I adore NARS Gina (the perfect matte peach IMO).
  15. I am going to have to say that while I love the brands and colors that I already suggested, I would have to add llamasqua to the list. I am hooked on their matte blushes - they are excellent!!!

    But you need to apply with a light hand - try a fan brush. ;)