Best Mascara for T-H-I-C-K lashes?

  1. I don't want length as much as thickness.

    Any rec's?

  2. Mabybeline 5xTurbo Boost makes my lashes nice and thick also try using more than one type of mascara , i use one to define than another to plump them up
  3. Nivea Eyes Wide Open makes my eyes look amazing.
  4. ^^Nivea makes mascara??
  5. I'm a big fan of Loreal Voluminous
  6. L'Oreal Double Extend (2 step process). Despite its name, it DOES do a great thickening job, hth!!

  7. Another vote for Voluminous. I love it! I've tried almost everything and always end up back to Voluminous.
  8. Great Lash- The Blackest of Black by Maybelline does wonders for mine.

    Yeah its cheap. But hey, it works for me and a lot of other girls I know! ;D
  9. MAC ProLash
  10. I swear by Maybelline Volum'Express;)
  11. Volume Express or Voluminous for cheapies. Diorshow blackout for high-end.
  12. They have a whole make-up line which I discovered on holiday in Germany. Don't know if they sell it in many countries though.
  13. Dior black out is the best! I love it so much I bought it for some of my other eyelash obsessed friends
  14. I use MAX Factor 2000 Calories Mascara. I LOVE it, it makes my lashes look very nice!
  15. Max Factor Volume Couture

    Too Faced Lash injection

    Loreal Voluminous

    Lancome Hypnose