Best Mascara for Super Sensitive Eyes?

  1. Have you tried Clinique?

    I don't find I have super-senstive eyes, but for some reason: YSL Faux Cils can wreak havoc at times. 90% of the time its okay, but the odd day/occasion I've worn it, my eyes itch and water. There's an MA at Murale who complained to me about the same thing to me.
  2. ON the rare occasion I wear non wp mascara (I layer Maybelline Lash Disc WP with Maybelline FnS WP) it's usually Clinique Naturally Glossy. I finally nailed down that Loreal Voluminous (WP and regular) were the reason my eyes were burning.
  3. The best one I tried was a natural one off Etsy. It's not the best in terms of lengthening your lashes or whatever, but it darkened my lashes and my eyes were better off.
  4. Have you tried Tarte's mascaras?
  5. I tested Givenchy's curl and define mascara. It didn't make my eyes water or my lashes irritated. Although it's 30,I might make the purchase soon since my aunt is a supervisor in Sephora
  6. Hi, OP. I have horribly sensitive eyes. I mean, the worst!

    The best and ONLY mascara that I have been able to wear EVER with success (and I'm 37 years old!) is one I buy at Whole Foods in the cosmetic section. Its made by a company called ''Gabriel.''

    Here's the link:

    Again, just go to whole foods and you should be able to find it. The brush isn't the best, but at least I can wear some form of mascara now.

    Good luck!
  7. My eyes are really sensitive and I've had problems with eyeshadows too (and skincare).:nogood:
    The 2 mascaras that suit me are Clinique High Impact in black and Paula's Choice Great Big Lashes in black (which is a bit drier than the Clinique one).
  8. Have you tried L'oreal Voluminous in carbon black. I'm a contact lenses wearer. I tried different brands before and even expensive ones and they just burn and sting my eyes. This is the only one that doesn't irritate my eyes.
  9. I'd try a mascara from a natural brand, such as Korres, their mascaras don't irritate my eyes at all.
  10. My eyes can be sensitive as well. Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara has worked well for me in the past. I want to try Tarte's mascaras as well, they seem like they might work for me. Also, I always, always would get a huge headache whenever I tightlined, for some reason the eyeliner would give me the worst headache. I found this brand called Himalaya Herbals Kajal eyeliner on Amazon for like $6, seemed like it has all natural ingredients. I purchased it and now wear it on my waterline headache free. So if other eye makeup gives you issues, you might want to check that one out.
  11. well i think mascara could be really tricky based on different ppl, some brands work for others but not me...:sad:
  12. I agree with those who suggested Clinique mascaras. My mom has a problem with mascaras making her eyes itchy/watery and she uses Clinique high impact. I think Lancome definicils works well for her as well. Hope this helps!
  13. I have sensitive eyes that are prone to atrocious redness when aggravated. I've had no luck with some of the products mentioned here (Dior Show, Chanel Inimitable, YSL Faux Cils, Clinique somethingorother.)

    I swear by the Nars Larger Than Life mascaras. I have gone through seven, and for someone who had never bought a mascara twice prior... you get the idea.

    I think a lot depends on what your eyes are sensitive to.. no way of working it out unless you keep persisting.

    I'd suggest going to counters early morning and experimenting until you find something that you can tolerate for the whole day.
  14. I also have very sensitive eyes and have problems with mascaras.

    Max Factor 2000 Calorie works well for me
  15. I also have sensitive eyes, I would not recommend dior it is very perfumed (IMO) and I found it very irritating to my eyes while I did like they look they gave my eyes were killing me about 30 minutes after putting it on. On a whim I got a laura mercier sample from sephora and I really like it so far, I might get one once my sample runs out.