Best mascara for contact lense wears

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  1. I recently got turned on to the Dior Show and the Dior Limited from this purse forum, and I love them. :yes:

    I have just gone back to wearing contacts and now when I put drops in during the day, my mascara immediately comes off. :crybaby:

    Do I have to wear a water proof mascara (too drying for me), or is there a good mascara that can handle eye drops during the day? :s


  2. i wear almay and it wears really well. my eyes are also really sensitive to eye makeup and i've never had a problem with almay.
  3. I like Kiss Me by Blinc. It tubes your lashes and works well with contacs. Can be found at Sephora.
  4. I wear Lancome Deficils.
  5. I'm definitely going to have to try some of these that you recommended because I wore it today and when I put the drops in, it just came right off and I had racoon eyes. I wish that wouldn't happen because I really like the Dior.

    I have never heard of the Kiss Me by Blinc but I'll be doing some research on this one as well.

    Thanks to all of you for your suggestions.
  6. Hi Debbie..can I ask why you need eye drops for your contacts? Do they get dry very easily?
  7. maybelline intensive extra volume
  8. I have extremely dry eyes + contacts and use the dior show as well. if I put my drops in using a mirror and blot under my eyes right after, it doesn't mess things up. are you putting mascara on your lower lashes? I only do my top ones, so maybe that's why?

    neutrogena makes a good mascara for contact wearers, I forget what it's called but it's in a blue and silver tube. I used to use that.
  9. I love the way Diorshow (both waterproof and non) makes my eyelashes look, but like you, I am COVERED in mascara in places where it shouldn't be. It's really upsetting how I just spent $23 on a tube of mascara to have smudges all over my face. Hopefully Sephora will take it back. I did hear about Kiss Me by Blinc from a SA at Sephra...I should have listened to her when she recommended it! I think that's what I'm going to be trying next.
  10. i second this, it stays put

  11. I agree...I have never had a problem with it. It only partialy comes off when I cry a lot.
  12. I use Lancome Hypnose, then put a layer or 2 of a waterproof Loreal mascara (forget the name) over it & usually don't have any problem w/ smearing or flaking! :smile:
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