Best mascara for asian lashes?

  1. Actually my lashes aren't that bad. They're longer than most asians, but I want them LONGER and thicker.

    I saw this Imju Fiberwig mascara on the sephora website but we don't seem to have it here in Canada.

    So far, I've tried these:
    1) Benefit Badgal - clumps on the 2nd swipe
    2) Tarte - pretty ok
    3) Too faced Lash injection - gets very clumpy
    4) Diorshow - weighed my lashes down

    Any other recommendations?
  2. sells fiberwig :smile:
  3. I love Beaute de Kose, but you can only get it from eBay. Lancome Fatale is great too.
  4. Shu Uemera :tup:
    Fiberwig sucks for me.
  5. I have long lashes.. (well, long for Asians). I use Shu Uemera precise volume mascara.
  6. My friend just got me Anna Sui XL Long Lash mascara, which has fibres in the wand. When I get over this eye infection I have, I am going to layer it with Diorshow. I used it before with Maybelline Great Lash and my lashes looked insanely long.
  7. Lancome Hypnose!!
  8. Anna Sui XL Long Lash mascara
  9. I'm Taiwanese/Chinese and have pretty long lashes as well. I use Shu Uemura. They make great mascara. If you are looking for a cheaper version... Rimmel makes one, I can't remember the name, but its got a slim brush and it goes on nicely. :smile:
  10. I use a total cheapie: full n soft by maybelline (so shameful, I know!). I find it's fantastic for thickening, as long as long as you wipe the brush down a few times on the bottle to stop any heaviness. If you wiggle the wand from side to side as you sweep upwards, it really seems to separate every lash.

    Another secret is to use the macara on your bottom lashes for 4-5 days first. I find that if I apply mascara straight after opening, it's still too 'wet' and weighs everything down.

    For serious lengthening, I've also tried lash architect by l'oreal (another cheapie - terrible!) but it made my lashes so long that they looked fake... if I looked upwards, they actually brushed my eyebrows, so NOT a good look LOL. I'm the same as most of you guys, in that I don't really need any more length.

    I hope you find something, Apple! Let us know the results!
  11. fiberwig do not work for me. IMO it sucks big time.

    I am a big fan of YSL faux cils mascara, it really give a faux lash effect and i get tons of compliments whenever i wear them. My dbf loves those on me. :yes:
  12. The worse is when it rubs off on your sunglasses!
  13. For the Shu Uemura & YSL, are they also good for thickening?
  14. For the comments above, I want to give Shu Uemura a try. Right now I'm using Blinc and I love it.
  15. In waterproof.. which I've been using since it came out! You won't be disappointed! :okay: