Best Mary Jane heels?

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  1. So, I love Mary Janes because I have a major problem with shoes slipping off (narrow heels) and I've found that the straps help A LOT!

    I was just wondering if any of you had suggestion on different styles by different designers. I love the CL Lillians, but that's pretty much all I know about.
  2. CL Luly - peep toe double strap MJ and comfy because of platform
    CL Wallis - MJ in 85 and 100 mm height, CL staple
    CL Iowa/Alta Iowa/Iowa Zeppa - peep toe style various heights/platforms, etc...
    CLWalibou - shorter CL style with platform
    CL Relika - Bianca style with strap near the vamp
    CL Claudia - ankle strap d'orsay style
    YSL Tribute MJ style - one of my HGs right now

    I love mary janes and own some of the above. Hope this helps.
  3. ^Great list! :tup:

    I have the same problem with heel slippage. I have both the CL Wallis and the Lillians, with the Wallis being my favourite.
  4. elsie, i looove the shoes in your avatar!!
  5. I suggest CL wallis and CL corto!
  6. Thank you!

    They're the CL Lillians btw. ;)