Best makeup primer and it only cost me 3 bucks

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  1. This might be old news to some of you, but I used Milk of Mangnesia as my primer this morning and my makeup is STILL going strong.

    I've tried every primer out there and was about to try a new mineral foundation, but now I'm sticking to my current foundation. Now, don't overdo it. i actually had to remove some, but take 2 went quite well! I'm loving it and a whole bottle is like 2-3 bucks at ANY drugstore! You can't beat that! I have an oily and shiny face problem, and i didn't have to blot or reapply once today. My eye shadow and liner was in tact too! Goodbye expensive primers/potions. Hello Milk of Magnesia!
  2. This is interesting!! Do you apply with a cotton ball? I have been using MOM for over 12 years as my one and only deodorant and for me, it is the best thing ever!! Never imagined that it could be used as a primer, as well!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  3. I hate to be a Debbie. And I'm not a Chemist so I'm not sure if this information is correct BUT, I'm an active member on another forum where women were using MOM as a primer until someone stepped in and provided this information:

    Like I said, I'm not a Chemist but that has made me weary ever since.
  4. :wtf: that's so scary! Thnx for posting that!
  5. What declaredbeauty quoted sounds reasonable, though I never knew Milk of Magnesia is alkaline! Your sebaceous glands naturally create an acid mantle on your face and this acidity kills bacteria. This means it helps to prevent acne and other bacterial infections.

    What I don't agree with the quoted person is that she makes it seem as if alkaline products are all powerful solvents and harmful products; this isn't true. I believe most soaps are alkaline, and are in body soaps (and other products that lather.) There are soap-free products for this exact reason, and also why we don't wash our faces with body soap since it destroys the acid mantle. I guess we should really be using acidic, non-soap products on our bodies as well!
  6. I'm going to continue to use it. I take really good care of my skin and use great products all around, and this stuff works for me. Milk of Magnesia has been around a really long time, and if it's safe enough to ingest, i'm going to use it on my face! The MINUTE I start to see a negative reaction on my face, I'll put it away. Until then MOM is my HG primer!!
  7. Hmm, I've been using Monistat anti-chafe, but would try almost anything to combat shine! How are you applying it?
  8. Ok, I am a chemist and was in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. Here are some facts.
    1. Alcohols do not have pH values, pH refers to the dissociation of acids and bases.
    2. Alcohols, dissolve oily and waxy substances.
    3. The pH of pure water, which is considered close to neutral, is 7.
    4. Anything lower than 7 is an acid (i.e. acidic), anything higher is a base (i.e. alkaline).
    5. pH is a logarithmic measurement with a range of 0-14. Something with a pH of 11 is ten times more strongly alkaline than something with a pH of 10.
    6. A normal skin pH is around 5.5 (4.5 - 6.0 typical range). Bacterial growth is minimized at this pH...namely staphlococcus.
    7. Milk of magnesia contains magnesium hydroxide, the pH is 8.5-10.

    Given that information, I would not use MOM on my face. You do not want to neutralize the acid mantle. This will most likely increase the growth of bacteria. It is best to use a makeup primer that is neutral or slightly acidic.
  9. Thanks jburgh, was about to try this out until I read your informative post.
  10. Thanks for clearing up that information. Still not using MOM. Not worth the potential damage.