Best makeup brushes?

  1. Hello All,
    I need some help...I am looking for a nice set of makeup brushes for myself. I have lots of make up that I never wear and would like to start. I have never had a good set so I really don't even know what to look for. I did try to do some research but didn't get to far. What kind of brushes work for you? Are they natural or synthetic? How often do you clean them? A lot of questions but I know that you all have the answers. Thanks :smile:
  2. My favourite brushes are shuemura. I use the powder, blush, eyeshadow, lip & bronzer brush....all my brushes are natural.....I was them every 3-4 months with baby shampoo.....but I think shuemura does have a brush cleaner.....

    to start though you may want to get something less expensive...just to see if you actually like using brushes - they are a costly investment.
  3. Sephora has their own line of brushes for pretty reasonable prices. I think they sell them in sets as well as individually. They also make brush-cleaning cloths. I use those and also Paula Dorf spray-on brush cleaner. I have a lot of brushes by different manufactureres but actually don't use them as much as I could. I've tried foundation brushes but it feels weird to me--I'd rather use a sponge. Brushes are good for blushers, bronzers, loose powder though.
  4. Trish Mcevoy---worth EVERY penny.
  5. Bobbie Brown and Laura Mercier have the greatest brushes!:yes:
  6. b.brown, smashbox and shu... :yes:
  7. shu uemura and smashbox brushes are good.
  8. shu uemura and smash box brushes are good.i have them and a blush brush from laura's good too.
  9. Trish has very good brushes.
  10. I LOVE Shu Uemura brushes!!! They are great high quality brushes. They're pretty expensive though, so I've just been slowly buying them one at a time. I only get the natural ones though.

    I also have the kabuki brush from Chanel and it is super soft! It's great for travel and whether it's blush, setting loose powder, or for bronzer, that brush does it all!
  11. Thanks guys....I'll check out all of these lines!! I just love how polished of a look some people can attain with the proper equipment.

    I mean...thanks GALS!!!
  12. hahah i was goin to post the same sort of thread!!

    well i bought mac brushes the ones that come in a set and they are not htat good. then i bought a blush brush from trish mcevoy AMAZING!! really. and i have a small chanel brush tloo. i thin u need to try out different ones from different plce.s check out the testers
  13. ^^ ITA - the MAC gift sets have really crappy brushes. If you're tighter on cash, I'd start off with the full size MAC ones.

    I personally use Shu Uemura now too - I just upgraded a couple of months ago and LOVE these! I also had a Trish McEvoy brush once and that was very good quality too. I decided to go with Shu for my permanent set since they're made in Japan.
  14. I've worked for Trish, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Lancome, Estee Lauder, and Mac and I've found at least A brush I've loved from each line, that said, I think the best full line of brushes of those companies are Trish and Laura, Smashbox had lovely brushes also when I worked for them 4 years ago, but I haven't looked at them recently, the only brushes I really buy anymore are Trish and Laura, and maybe a little Paula Dorf. I do want to check out She Uemera brushes for a style I'm looking for that I can't find, I know they make great products too....
  15. I use Aveda brushes. I'm not too particular, but I like what I have. I am sure there are a lot of great sets you can get.