Best makeup applicator brushes?

  1. I just bought this sephora brush set today for $150.00. My first official set. I have a powder and eyeshadow brush from the sonia kashuk line from Target and a eyeliner brush (paint brush) from an arts and crafts store.

    How good are the sephora brushes? People keep telling me that good brushes are essential when applying makeup.
  2. Forgot to post the picture.
  3. I've heard shu uemura have very good brushes, but I have yet to try them. Currently I just use my MAC brushes, to go with my mostly MAC makeup. they're fine
  4. I have to agree with PlushKitty and say that Shu Uemura makes the best brushes. I work with a Laura Mercier mixed with some MAC ones but I REALLY WANT a set from Shu Uemura...they are so, so soft and will last a long time if you take care of them.
  5. I'm not sure about Sephora brushes as I haven't used them before. My first (and only) set of brushes were from Shu Uemura and they are incredible. I got them many years ago and still using them. They are still in tip-top condition.
  6. I've found that Sephora brushes are a hit or miss for me. The misses are their bigger brushes. The large powder brush and portable pop-up powder brush I got from them were absolutely awful. The smaller brushes have been fine though. I use their retractable lip brushes and eye shadow brushes a lot.
  7. For best low end brushes, I like Sonia Kashuk. I have a powder brush from her line that I've been using for years. The quality is actually better than some higher end brushes I've tried. The one I have is the blue handle though. For some reason, when they changed their handles to white, the quality decreased. Odd.
  8. Again, a vote for MAC from me! I own a few full-sized ones from them, and they are essential in my makeup application! I also have the short-handled travel sets and they are also great, thought not as soft as the full-sized ones.

    I don't know about Sephora brushes, but that looks like a nice set!
  9. Dior Blush Brush is the best I have ever used. its so soft. Love it.

    but i like the set you have. thats really great. wish I thought of that. I bought my brushes here and there from different brands.

    and Sephora is the professional so your purchase is probably well spent

    PS- what is the white furry poof on the far left for?
  10. Jinsun - I ordered that set from Sephora also but have not used it yet. I will probably try it out this weekend so I will let you know how I feel about it. But I have used Sephora brushes in the past, and I think they are ok for everyday use.
    I agree with your comment that makeup brushes are very important, perhaps more so than the actual makeup you use.
    I really like the brushes by Kevin Aucoin, in fact I love all of the products by KA. They are pricey but I think absolutely worth it. Also, if you use good brushes, you end up using less makeup because the brush 'holds' and applies the makeup better. KWIM?
  11. If you're interested in getting a brush set by Kevin Aucoin, I think they have a holiday set of 10 brushes in a roll up kit now. I think it is about $250.
  12. I have some sephora professional brushes - I really like the angled blush brush. prior to that blush brush I was using Macs & Lancolms which I now hate. I think Sephora's brushes are a fabulous value.

    I can not stand brushes that shed everytime you use them or feel like horse hair across your face.

    My all time favorite brush though is my Nars bronzer brush.
  13. I bought the BB set. Love them. Been going on five years and still good as new.
  14. i would say they are mid quality brushes, great for starter, you will get a very nice makeup application with it...i personally want to build a Laura Mercier and Kevyn Aucoin brush collection now =)
  15. Those look nice! I'm usually against buying brushes in sets, but I would buy that. It has a good assortment of shapes and sizes :tup: