Best make-up purse?

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  1. I´m thinking of getting a make-up case from LV. Any ideas on what is the most practical? If you got pics of how much fits inside, would be awesome:love:
  2. I use the mini pochette accessories for my makeup case. I fit a compact, lipliner, lipgloss, sm.purell, sm.pillbox, and tube of concealer. It fits a good amount and it's not that expensive.
  3. I need more space definitely than the mini pochette. My foundation is the glass Chanel one so it takes up a lot of space + I use a brush to put powder on.
  4. I think that the trousse toilette is most practical.
  5. I own the following accessory bags: Pochette Cosmetique, Poche Toilette 15, Pochette Acessorires, and Antigua Pochette Plate PM.

    I think the Antigua Pochette Plate PM or GM would hold the most if you carry a lot of make-up since it's flat and rectangular in shape, however, since it's made entirely of cloth, it could get messy if your make-up spills.

    Otherwise, maybe go for the Mono Poche Toilette 19 because that would also hold a lot of make-up - it's also rectangular in shape but it's not flat and since it's mad of Mono material, the inside can be wiped with a cloth since it's the inside of the Mono canval (not cloth lined).

    Ironically, I don't use any of my accessory bags for make-up, but I use them to hold all sorts of other things - Palm PDA, credit cards, coupons, tissues, tweezers, lotion, etc.

    Good luck!
  6. what about pochette acessories?
  7. I've been thinking of getting a pochette cosmetique in monogram or damier. The reason why I'm hesitating is that after a while my make up cases have mascara and eyeshadow etc. stains all over inside. But I guess the pochette cosmetique has a washable lining right? So how do guys clean them and do the make up stains really come off? The stains are the reason why I would never use my pochette accessoire as make up case.
  8. I have the pochette cosmetique, but I don't put make-up in it. I guess you can use a damp soft cloth and rub gently on the inside of the cosmetique to remove stains since it's not a cloth lining. Suggestion: maybe keep your make-up in a clear plastic sandwich size bag and then drop it into the cosmetique so that the inside of the cosmetique is protected. :idea:
  9. I have the Pochette Cosmetique as well and it holds a ton. Currently, I have in there, three lipglosses, two lipsticks, Bare Escentuals travel brush, nail file, Splenda packets, oil control sheets, contact lens drops, regular eye drops, toothpicks, dental floss. The lining is not fabric, although it is light in color. There is also a pocket on the inside, and it feels like leather? Might not be though. When I have all that in there, I cannot fit my BE compact in there, but then it has it's own case.
  10. Thanks for everyone´s input! Still making my mind up..
  11. I have the pochette 15 cm and it carries 2 lipgloss, Chanel lipstick, tape measure, 10x loop, lip pencil, blush, nail clipper, and powder. Plus I like the washable lining cause I always have a loose lip pencil somewhere in there...

  12. SUCH a goood idea!
  13. I LOVE my Pochette Cosmétique, it does clean easily and holds quite a bit.


  14. I don't carry a lot of makeup with me, nor do I wear a lot of it. My little Trousse Ronde which holds the essentials that I need when I'm on the go. If I want to carry more lip glosses or a brush then I'll carry my Pochette Cosmetique. However, I've got to say that the makeup bag that I like the best is the Trousse Demi-Ronde. The true half moon shape is just too cute. I like to use makeup bags that are designed to hold just that. In the event of a spill they are designed to wipe clean unlike other bags that don't have a washable lining. JMO. :smile:
  15. I meant to add a pic of my makeup bags: