Best Make-up for people of Color?

  1. I order Sundown Naturals Tea Tree Oil online from Walgreens. It works miracles. Here is my regime: I wash my face, currently with Ambi (hot water to wash and rinse, and then cold water rinse). Then pat my face dry. Next i pour a little hydrogen peroxide in my hand and put on my face (stops pimples). After my face dries I put tea tree oil on all my dark spot which are all practically gone by now. I follow with a moisturizer. Tea Tree Oil and peroxide totally changed my skin. Over the last 1.5 months all my dark spots have nearly disappeared. One more month and they should be all gone and my face should be all clear in time for my wedding.
  2. Okay, I have to report back about my experience with the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector - I tried it as directed for 2 weeks (with tons of SPF and all), and noticed no changes whatsoever. This does not surprise me, as lighteners always take a while to work (esp. if they are OTC), but I had to stop using the product because it made me break out absolutely everywhere that I applied it. (And my skin is not necessarily sensitive or acne-prone).

    I returned it for a refund and the SA suggested I try a product by DDF called Fade Gel 4 (which is just a few dollars more than the Clinique, by the way). I started using it as directed and after less than 2 weeks I noticed an enormous difference - I have tried just about everything you can imagine for melasma and PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation - that's when you get a darker brown spot every time your skin experiences any sort of trauma, like a pimple, scratch, cut, etc.) It is now one month later and my skin keeps getting better. I bought DDF's brightening cleanser to day so I will report back on that one if it works out, too. I am thrilled with the DDF!!!
  3. Wow! That's fantastic! Do you also use any SPF? If you don't, please do - otherwise you will undo all of that hard work! Peroxide is amazing, I agree. My mom keeps a bottle of it in the shower - every day brushes her nails with it, and it keeps them incredibly white and clean.
  4. BTW, has anyone ever tried that line that they used to have at Sephora called Rx for Brown Skin? The website is great - I am tempted, but have heard mixed reviews:
  5. Oh I am sooo trying this. I like the Ponds that I bought because it did the job..but I love knowing that once I am done with the Ponds, I already have stuff right here in the house to use. TYSM for this info. Peroxide is like sliced bread. Best stuff ever!
  6. So many great suggestions!! Gonna use coupons at CVS, tomorrow!!! Thank you, ladies!!
  7. I LOVE Cinema Secrets ligttouch setting powder, It's better than all of the really high end setting powders I have tried. My makeup stays put but it still looks natural,k I follow it up with their moisture spray and go. You should read some reviews on makeupalley.
  8. I ahve and it was good but I have seen better,k I love dermalogica's line for hyperpigmentation. Great skincare and it targets my dark spots.
  9. Got the Ambi, got the Tea Tree Oil, got the peroxide!! Cannot wait to try it all!!! :p

    Just for my sanity, how do I apply the TTO? Thank you!!!
  10. I just put some on my finger then apply it to my dark spots. Its pretty strong and a little can go a long way. You could probably use a cotton ball as well. Good Luck. I hope it works for you too! Let us know how it goes.
  11. Oh yeah, Lorac has some really nice blushes with great pigmentation for women of color. I love her baked bronzers and her baked blushes, just gorgeous on brown skin.
  12. Any reviews for cover fx cosmetics?
  13. I thought so too it's either NW45 or NC50..I used to use MAC foundations, not anymore, I love NARS, Becca, MUFE, and Revlon colourstay which in my experience has been better than the MAC foundations I have tried..I have to say that I agree with the poster who said MAC was the new fashion fair, they need to update..

    I agree with on the NARS Blushers I love their cream formula it's like a cream to powder I love it!

    Foundations: NARS Sheer glow, Becca foundation stick/tinted moisturizer,MUFE HD, MUFE face and body foundation, and Revlon colourstay.
    Eyeshadows: MAC followed by Inglot, I also have other brands such as NARS, and UD e/s but MAC and Inglot I reach for most often.
    Blush: I love NARS Blushes very pigmented and the quality is great, as well as Lafemme comparable to NARS in terms of pigmentation at a drugstore price.
    Lipstick: MAC they have a wide range of shades and formula to choose from, as well as their lipglosses I also like NYX round lipsticks and lipglosses.
    Concealer: MUFE camflouge palette and full cover concealer. I also like bobbi brown's concealer as well.
    Brushes: MAC , Bobbi Brown, Hakuhoudo, and sigma's sigmax (also vegan) brushes.
  14. One more for Black Opal. I'm truly a fan of the coverage and the price. It doesn't oxidize on me and I get the flawless demi-matte look of my dreams!

    I'm Truly Topaz when I'm not tanned and Nutmeg when I am.
  15. Tarte new 12 hr coverage is pretty good and it glides on smooth and it blends flawlessly.