Best Make-up for people of Color?

  1. ^^ the only ones I know of is Urban Decay, Stilla, & Josie Maran
  2. :lolots:

    I went back to Bobbi Brown and there is a big difference in how my foundation looks as compared to the MAC foundation.
  3. yes, Big difference! Night and Day.
  4. trustlove - are you still using the Clinique stuff for dark spots? Do you see any more results? I just received some as a sweet gift from my mom, and the MUA told her that it may take up to 4 months to see a big difference, which is frankly not that unusual. I have been putting it on 2x a day since last week, and will try my best to be patience.

    If it works, I will send a dozen roses to the head of Clinique, I swear. :nuts:

    Love this thread!!!
  5. Yeah! :yahoo: I totally agree with DC Cutie - BB is the way to go. I have never liked any foundation (and I have tried so many different types and brands) until that one. Which one did you try?

    Has anyone found a decent translucent or colored powder for setting their makeup, btw? I love the texture of Laura Mercier's setting powder and it really keeps the shine down but it way too light (and it's supposed to be colorless). :sad:
  6. Oops! I forgot to mention trustlove that a lot of Jane Iredale's stuff is vegan, and the products are supposed to be excellent. They have a list of what's vegan, Kosher, etc. on the website. Not sure if the foundation shades are good for WOC, though. :smile:

    The info. for vegans is in the list of buttons on the left.
  7. I agree that Bobbi Brown makes excellent products, I esp love the color of her lip glosses, very nice for people of color. For foundation though, her colors just don't match up to my skin tone, "Golden" is the closest to my complexion and still was off. They never made me break out though; I find IMAN's color selection (I'm Clay 2) to be better for me. Her stick foundation is just as quality as BB's IMO, and doesn't irriate my skin.
  8. Iman has some beautiful shade. My problem is that I really need something YELLOW based.So for me Black Opal on the cheaper end, and sometimes I like MAC and Bobbi Brown has LOTS of yellow based shades.

    I highly recommend Black Opal if you want to save a buck. Even when I worked at the higher end cosmetic counter I wore it and got MANY compliments.
  9. I also highly recommend BBs books on makeup (even if you only check out from the library).
  10. I just ran out of my first bottle after about a month. I really noticed a difference. But I'm trying to use more natural products on my face so I have started using tea tree oil, and let me just tell you it is absolutely amazing. Within two days my face looked brighter, my spots are disappearing more than before. I also noticed my pores are much smaller now. I have never had this type of experience with any other product before. I have also started eating all organic food and cut out a lot of other stuff out of my diet like red meat, dairy, etc and have noticed that I have not had any acne since my new diet change.
  11. Wow - that's wonderful to hear about the Clinique! I have heard people say that cutting out dairy in particular does wonders...I was a vegetarian for 10 years myself (it drove my family crazy, though - not too many Latino vegetarians out there, lol) and I loved many aspects of it.

    I love Tea Tree for lots of stuff, so I will check that out for myself, too. It is fantastic in shampoo as well, I have experienced. Thanks for the tip!
  12. Agreed! I always look through them at the bookstore (haven't bought yet - but my sister has one) and they are very good. I appreciate the fact that she tries to have all different kinds of models in her books and on her website, as it gives me better ideas for what products and colors will work on me.

    I just wish that she offered some stronger colors sometimes - particularly in her cream eyeshadows, which are amazing. A lot of the colors that she offers now, while pretty, just disappear on me.
  13. Bumping this thread..

    Foundation:Laura Mercier - 2 pumps of Sunset Beige, 1 pump of Toffee. I use Chanel Double Perfection (I think that is what it is called) in Honey

    Concealer: Cle de Peau in Honey or Bobbi Brown in Honey

    Blush: I use Bronzers for my blush. Laura Mercier, Armani #8 & their Duo Creme Blush, Chanel Bronzer and YSL Bronzer #3

    Lipsticks / Gloss: Bobbi Brown, Chanel, YSL, Armani, Dior, NARS

    Masacara: Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, YSL, Dior, Chanel
  14. I definitely agree about Black Opal. People are turned off by drug store makeup because they think they'll be stuck with it if it doesn't match, but stores will take it back with a receipt!

    And, I have to agree with whoever said we're all the same shade in MAC, although I thought we are all NW45s, according to them.
  15. Tea tree oil??? How? Where? Any suggestions? :smile: