Best Make-up for people of Color?

  1. Foundation: Bobbi Brown followed by Nars(don't sleep on Bobbi's foundation's, she is the truth)
    Eye Shadow: Mac followed by Nars(I put mac slightly ahead of nars because it's cheaper and they have the largest color selection but Nars has better quality with unique shades)
    Blush: Nars followed by a very distant Mac( nothing comes close to Nars blushes, they are a dream. They are super pigmented and they apply heavenly just makes our skin glow)
    Lip Gloss: Mac followed by Bobbi Brown and then Nars(Mac's color selection is off the charts, I must give them that.
    Concealer: Bobbi Brown(Like no other, Bobbi just knows how to make make-up look like skin)
    Honestly of all the high end brands (chanel, Ysl, Dior) Bobbi brown has the best range for Women of color(foundation's and concealer's) and it just looks beautiful. Bobbi Brown and Nars are highly pigmented, but they are also excellent quality, which is something that we women of color need.
  2. Also, the tools you use to apply your make-up will make a huge difference. It doesn't make sense to buy a $40 foundation only to use some crappy brush that doesn't blend very well. I know we try and cut costs but a good foundation brush is not something you can skimp on. louise young, Nars, Bobbi brown, and Mac have some really nice foundation brushes. You will only need to buy it once, it's a really good investment and it really makes the difference in your application.
  3. I saw this thread yesterday when it had been closed and was wondering why it was not simply moved!! Glad to see it open again.

    I must agree 100% with meela188's post! MAC, Bobbi Brown & NARS!! From the colors offered from pot/pan to skin, quality and price, they are the best. I discovered MAC in 1992 since their lipstick was not heavily scented/little taste. My 1st foundation was Bobbi Brown in 1996 - didn't realize there was a 'mainstream' brand for us out there! (I don't dabble in drugstore makeup since there is no way to test it) I've tried other brands, but those are my top 3. I've known several women who never wear make up become believers after leaving those make up counters.
  4. I wondered the same thing :confused1:

    ITA w/ you about guys about Bobbi Brown. She simply knows how to make your skin beautiful without heavily covering it up. I've had the great fortune of attending 2 of her master classes - one in DC and the other in NYC. Each time, I learned something different from her and had an even greater appreciation of her concept.

    Fashion Fair is TRYING to comeback with a new design and formulations, but it's not working very well.... I can point out a woman wearing fashion fair from a mile away, it's usually the orange foundation that gives her away...
  5. My mother uses fashion fair :nuts: Ok trustlove I have not read the comments yet, but you have to try Mac:smile:
  6. I agree with Bobbi Brown also. I find the make up is fairly neutral without any eye popping colours, lots of classic tones and the quality is really nice.

    Also Black Opal!! That brings back memories :girlsigh: I used to use black cherry lipstick I think it was called.
  7. foundation - revlon colorstay or black radiance (both drugstore diamonds)
    eyeshadow - urban decay
    blush - stila
    powder - l'oreal
    mascara - l'oreal hip
  8. My 3 all time favorites are:

    Make-Up Forever
    Cover FX

    If you need a good concealer you can use Make-Up Forever and Cover FX

    Excellent coverage and light weight. No pour clogging..

    Mix and Match.. It works...
  9. Hey ladies thanks for all the help. DO you know if any of the brands you recommended are organic or use organic products or are vegan friendly?
  10. MUFE, Bobbi Brown, MAC (although I find the later two too oily for my skin). Drugstore? Revlon & Maybelline.
  11. I've been using NARS Sheer matte foundation during the last couple of weeks. It's been really really hot here and it's not breaking me out. I really like it.
  12. MAC Colors can fit anyone, and so do the Textures. I really believe that every person alive could find a "good fit" with a MAC foundation/powder product.
  13. this ^^ I've gotta disagree with. I haven't been able to properly match with MAC in years! The foundation oxidizes like crazy, so you think it's OK for about an hour and then you're orange or red!

    and contrary to MAC artist popular belief, every black woman isn't NC45 :nogood:. I swear they push that color on EVERYONE~!
  14. Not for me. It breaks me out. IMHO, MAC is the new Fashion Fair. There are waaaayyy better foundations by other brands out there(highend and drugstore). I give MAC its snaps for making semi highend feeling cosmetics affordable for the masses. Not everyone can nor wants to drop $50 on foundation or $30 on lipgloss. You get that the champagne look on a beer budget with MAC. With that being said, even if it didn't break me out, I wouldn't buy it. I don't like how it feels on my face almost like stage make up.

    And to echo, DC, not everyone is a NC/NW45:smile:. I loved how when I visited the Estee Lauder, YSL, Chanel and NARS counters, they actually tested every color in my coloring shade regardless if it didn't look like it would be a match from looking at the container.
  15. Does anyone know any organic or vegan friendly makeup/cosmetic brands