Best make up for not so great skin?!

  1. I think clinique has foundations for all skins, ive been using the acne foundation for a year and love it! I also use cover FX green primer to hide the scars more since I did/do pick at my face.
  2. I have had some awesome advice here!!!! Thank you to all. I needed some blush and so yesterday I went to a Mac counter...I love their blush, and eye shadows and lip glosses....and I took extra time and a wonderful woman who worked there tried some primer and foundation and I Loved it!!!!!
  3. I like Clinique too and have used their products for years!

  4. I will look at this today, thanks!!!
  5. Great! A good primer can do amazing things:biggrin:
  6. I am loving this primer!!!
  7. Lisa Eldridge also has an amazing video/tutorial showing makeup application on acneic skin along with product recommendations.

    Also, I think for me, applying concealer with brushes instead of fingers made a huge difference. Tools/techniques are a factor.
  8. I agree with the beauty blenders, the applies amazingly, takes some time to apply and you should clean it right after.
  9. I used Bare Essentials in my skin's testier years and it was always great for me. Now that I am passed late 20s/early 30s hormonal breakouts I have went back to liquid which I prefer but BE was good to me.
  10. I'd say to stick with Clinique stuff. Usually, most of their stuff is fragrance free, allergy safe, dermatologist tested......but I'm sure if you do an Internet search you'll find a lot of different brands.
  11. i have a super sensitive skin and i use only mineral products (you should avoid oily products)
    my foundation at the moment is mac matchmaster in 1 and i'm also really pale
    and the best investment is a BB cream ( i use erborian )
    and maybe you should get a make-up lesson, you learn a lot and the people really help you with your skin problems and how to cover them up
    i'm still a teen but i find that leaving the skin bare for a few weeks and treating it the way it should be treated (cleansing, moisturiser, sun cream and such) helps with all skin problelms ( it really does but a lot of people find it horrifying and feel naked without make up)
  12. I would try hd makeup forever foundation; it's pretty pricey, but it really does cover everything up. I have a lot of dark spots and acne scars and I'd say it's probably the best foundation I've used. The only problem is it doesn't last long in hot weather.
  13. I'd say use a foundation primer (something without silicon) and then use a mineral foundation. I have semi-oily skin and CoverFx mineral foundation does wonders. It provides coverage without clogging pores.
  14. I would recommend everyday minerals. Mineral foundation can look a lot more natural than liquid foundations. You just take a kabuki brush and buff it in. Everyday minerals has a great sample pack where you can pick different shades and formulas to find your favorite. I did it at the beginning of summer and have yet to finish my 7 samples.
  15. I'm not sure which brand, but it's always safe to go to those that are non-scented :smile: