Best make up for not so great skin?!

  1. I am in my 40's, had acne as a teenager, and do have a few scars. I am also pale, don't tan and would burn in the sun. I have used liquid foundations and now use Smashbox primer and Clinique's powder foundation...and it works...average I'd say. Does anyone have good advice on different products I should use? Or different techniques? Help!!!! I would like better coverage for my not so great, average skin :sad:
  2. Have you tried stippling liquid foundation on??
  3. Are you using concealer? I find CoverFX's cream foundation (as concealer), and the ConcealFX both offer excellent, lightweight coverage. If you absolutely must use a full-coverage foundation, there is Vichy Dermablend, Kevyn Aucoin SSE, & Laura Mercier Silk Creme.
  4. I have not tried that. Maybe i will have one of the girls at the Mac counter or Sephora show me good technique on that. And a good brush! Thx!
  5. I only use concealer under my eyes. Here again..maybe i need to get myself to a good make-up counter and have someone show me how to use concealer better. Thanks!!!
  6. Perhaps a BB Cream since it provides benefits to the skin. Korean ones are the best to try. Check out the BB cream thread.
  7. I will check that out! Thank you!!
  8. I like Nars new foundation with moisturizer Also has an SPF I put it on with a brush.
  9. I will look at that. I love their eyeshadows! Thanks!!
  10. Our skin sounds the same... I'm very acne prone, especially at "certain" times of the month and if I use a product that my skin doesn't like - it just goes wild. I have very pale skin and don't tan easily (unless I'm going to tanning beds, but don't do that any longer)... So my skin scars easily because of this combination of things too.

    I just got the Beauty Blenders (pink egg looking sponges) from Sephora, and I have to say... I'm really liking them! I thought they gave great coverage and I could definitely use a difference from my brush application. I used them with Make Up For Ever HD foundation, which I also really like... For stippling brushes, I've been using the Sigma F80 and its been working pretty well.

    I would suggest getting a concealer to use on other areas of your face besides under eye area. I use Amazing Cosmetics concealer in the Fair shade, and it is truly AH-mazing! It covers everything! Great for covering recent acne scarring, etc. Hope that helps! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks for your response! I am heading to my's time to try new things and thx to these kind replies, i now have a good list to get!!
  12. you sound just like my sister. i believe she uses nothing but benefit and clinique. i'll have to ask her.
  13. Oh thanks! I will be glad to hear what she uses!!
  14. this YouTuber has not so great skin and looks like she has flawless skin after makeup application. You may not need all the products she uses, but it may provide a starting point.

    I have not so great skin at the moment and my go to product is Cover FX for those stubborn areas.
  15. Hi,
    The ladies have given some great advice here! Have you gone to a dermatologist? If it an option for you, I'm sure there are many over the counter products he/she could suggest to reduce scarring. I have great success over the years fading small spots here and there.:flowers: