Best LV Wallet?

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  1. Hi I was just wondering what your favorite wallet is! i am looking into the Porte-Tresor International, but just wanted a second opinion! Thanx:smile:
  2. i have the Eugenie wallet, and i love it. it has EVERYTHING i need: 12 credit-card slots, bill compartment, coin compartment, and ID window
  3. I just got an Amarante Zippy wallet and I love it.
  4. Hi,
    I love the PTI and have used that style for years. First in Mono, then in Vernis. It is very practical. I use the large coin pocket for coins and extra credit cards. Some people don't like a really large wallet, but I do, and I get compliments all the time on mine (the Vernis is so gorgeous). My favorite feature is that money bills fit full length without having to scrunch them in to fit. I really dislike that in other wallet types.

    Many LV owners adore the French Purse style, which is gorgeous in Vernis...have fun choosing!
  5. I have the Alexandra wallet. Some ppl find it a bit too thick but I like it a lot! It keeps all my has a picture slot and a good sized coin compartment!
  6. I love my PTI's, I have it in mono and both MC black and white.
  7. MC Black Zippy :love:
  8. I'm a big fan of the French Purse (I own 2) although I also own a zippy wallet. I let go of my Mono Porte-Tresor because I don't like how it's too open. I should have gotten the Mono pochette wallet instead.

    There's an excellent thread with many photos of LV wallets that is titled What's inside your LV Wallet? Check it out, I think it will help you make the best decision. :yes:
  9. One more thing: I like the French Purse with the 8CC slots, not 4. :yes:
  10. I had a porte-tresor but returned it a got a french purse in monogram canvas. No regrets, I love it! I tended to keep too much in my old wallets, and never cleaned it out often enough. The french purse is too compact to keep receipts, etc for too long. It's keeping me organized.
  11. I have the pochette wallet in mono, I love it but I also love French Purse with 8cc in mono or damier.
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  12. The French purse!
  13. Pochette wallet!! I love the 2 card pockets in the front. I find them so useful for my bankcard and my DL.
  14. damier brazza! 13 cc slots, generous bill compartments and a zipped coin compartment. a beautiful wallet.