Best LV Tote Bag for School Books

  1. Hi everyone, which LV bag in the tote style would be best for my school books, I am not a backpack person I would like a monogram or damier style tote but not sure which style. Do any of you all use one for your books?
  2. Sac plat or a saleya
  3. Batignolles Horizontal, Cabas Mezzo
  4. BH, what about messenger style?
  5. The monogram cabas mezzo or babylone, or damier saleya, chelsea or one of the messenger styles would be nice!
  6. Lockit H...looks very durable to carry heavy books...
  7. Abesses is good too, or a bastille.
  8. thank you everyone i am going to check those out, i need a new bookbag
  9. Have fun. Bring your books with so you can see how the weight will affect how the bag fits on your shoulder.
  10. I use my Cabas Mezzo whenever I have heavy books to carry..the straps are nice and long too.
  11. batignolles horizontal or cabas mezzo.......
  12. I would say Sac Plat or Manhattan GM BUT if you have heavy text books that's probably a bad idea for those two bags. I think the best choices are the Cabas Mezzo or the Multipli-cite.

    Of course the messenger bags are good also but then... I think a tote is more feminine and better on a girl!
  13. I'm a law-faculty-student, we all know how-heavy the law literatures ;) I use my: damier nolita, damier usez, damier saleya, mono cabas, vernis tompkins square & antigua cabas MM
  14. I think that the answer depends on how many books you plan on carrying. I would recommend the Cabas Mezzo or the Saleya GM. Both are large sturdy bags. I own the Batignolles Horizontal and wouldn't recommend carrying more than two books at a time in it. It gets kind of cumbersome and you have to adjust the straps on both sides of the bag to make sure you're not stretching the bag beyond its capacity. The Batignolles Horizontal also does not have a zipper on top so if you're worried about the contents of your bag falling out, you may want to consider the Mezzo or Saleya. I hope that helps.
  15. I would also encourage you to look at the Multipli-Cite, it's thick and sturdy and has many pockets, and the straps are thick too