Best LV to use as a diaper bag?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have just started my LV obsession - well actually I blame my lovely hubby who bought me the cabas mezzo as a diaper bag but I am finding I need a bigger bag for when I take my daughter out overnight and have to put in clothes, nappies (diapers), bottles etc. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which LV would suit. I'm kind of looking for something that can isn't too big (I'm saving that for my things) but has enough room and compartments for her stuff.
  2. my cousin used Damier Uze as baby bag until her dd stopped wearing diapers....i know there's a mini lin diaper bag in blue and pink and may be green? not sure if it's still available.
  3. totally go with the monogram stephen
  4. Mini lin diaper bag! It's on the official site, available in blue, pink, and ebene.
  5. agree! it's very cute! and it has TONS of compartments!:yes:
  6. The Mini Lin Saumur XL would work GREAT!! It's HUGE!
  7. yes, that's a professional diaper bag.
  8. I third this! Or a speedy 40?
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. Thanks for all the advice girls. I guess this means I have to go out and try them - what a tough job - lol.
  11. haha, i am sure you will enjoy the trip in LV store, have fun! BTW ur baby is sooooo cute w/rosey cheeks!!!
  12. A speedy 40 would be a terrible diaperbag. Could you imagine carrying a baby, trying to shop, and having to hold a handheld bag? Ah, I think I would go nuts.

    ...I've been thinking about selling my speedy 30 for this exact reason...It would just end up pissing me off
  13. Yeh get the proper nappy bag! (diaper bag) its soooo cool!
  14. BH would be fab!
  15. i love the mini lin diaper bag that comes in light rose or baby blue...very nice bag..i saw it at the store...there is a blanket included in the same color....

    and after the diaper-time you can use the bag as a nice summer bag IMO...without the diaper-changing blanket in it, it looks like a sporty bag....

    i would love to have this one if i got a baby!!!!! both colors are sooo cute!