Best LV store in OC?


Aphrodite A
Jul 18, 2010
it depends… what are you looking for?

I think LV SCP is the best and the worst at the same time because they have good inventory but have also seen some pieces that shouldn’t have been on the floor… in terms of service I got the most helpful SA and the rudest SA in the same location. The ladies at Saks are so niiiice, also the Neimans in Fashion island had a very patient SA who showed me lots of stuff and located an item I was looking for. I would also say I get the best service during the week when the store is a little empty. I haven't been to the one in Mission Viejo but I’ve been to the ones in San Diego, I still like SCP way better.


Nov 16, 2010
I love the SAs at Bloomies SCP.. They're the most patient, nicest, and friendliest SAs ever.. But their inventories are not that great so I still end up going to main LV store at SCP (they have great inventory).. They have rude and nice SAs.. But since I know who are their nice SAs, I just go straight to them.. I've been to Saks LV once to pick up my Alma strap so I only dealt with one SA.. She's also nice and let me try on the SC even though I have no intention of trying and buying it at all.. I haven't been to the one in Fashion Island.. Yup, the Saks in Mission Viejo was already closed..

So to sum up, my favorite LV stores are the main LV store in SCP then Bloomies..:biggrin:


Jun 30, 2008
My experience at the South Coast Plaza was a bit disappointing. I mean the stand alone boutique, not the ones located in Saks, etc. The SA wasn't rude, but she wasn't helpful, and she rushed me along. She probably thought I was young and not going to buy anything, but still. I decided on a wallet in haste because I didn't feel like I was given time to really look at them. Although I really do love my purchase, I feel like it wasn't the best in term of customer service. It was swamped the day I was in though (it was a Saturday) Hope this helps and I didn't ramble too much ^_^~

Something I hadn't caught until just now when I was looking at my receipt for it, they folded haphazardly.
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Aug 29, 2012
The LV in Neimans at Fashion Island has THE BEST customer service. They're extremely patient with me and is excellent taking care of you AFTER you've purchased your item. I like how they aren't busy and rushing you. Their space is limited when compared to other LV locations, but they can always order for you. My friends have gone to them and are very satisfied with their service!