Best LV store in NY and LA?! *help*

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  1. Hello!
    My mom and I are going to NY and LA next month and I'm planning to go shopping with her and was just wondering which is the best/nicest with friendly SAs to go to in NY as well as LA.
    She's flying in all the way from Malaysia to Kansas to celebrate my graduation in May and then we're going to tour in cali as well as New York so it's going to be exciting!!! :graucho:
    So I need your tips on which LV store to go to!
    Thanks a bunch ^__^ :tup:
  2. 57th and 5th in NYC
  3. I love going to the Rodeo Drive LA and also the LV at the Beverly Center! Enjoy your trip with her and the shopping and have an awesome awesome time!
  4. I only go to Sought Coast Plaza - Costa Mesa LV Boutique. My SA's are awesome - if you happen to go to South Coast Plaza, look for Arnaud or Emiko. They are awesome!
  5. ^^ I might have to look for them too =) I need to find a nice SA at South Coast
  6. 57st & 5th ave the flagship store
  7. Jots it down in a post-it note.
    Thanks guys you're the best!
    Keep those suggestions coming!
  8. The Rodeo Drive store has the best SA's you can find. The Beverly center store is not that bad either, but I would say go to the Rideo Drive Store.
  9. I like Lovey at Rodeo. I do not like anyone at the Beverly Center. I find them all rude and unhelpful.
  10. Rodeo Drive is the best boutique IMO. When you go there, ask for Ramon or Nadine. If you go to Beverly Center, ask for Robbie; he's really cool.
  11. I actually don't like anyone at the Beverly Center. They are rude, inefficient and snobbish-looking. Lovley at Rodeo Drive maybe cool... but I'm not sure if she's really honest and has your best interest at heart. I prefer going to the LV stores at South Coast Plaza since there are 3 of them!!! The smaller stores in Bloomingdale's and Saks there have very nice and friendly SA's (I find them nicer than the SA's in the actually LV store of South Coast Plaza). But since those 2 are smaller places, they may not have as many items.
  12. if you are in ny and go to macy's on 34th street. lauren is wonderful at the lv boutique. she is friendly honest and helpful. 57th street lv is a great store but i don't know any particular friendly sa.
    i am sure you will have a wonderful time.
    Okay we have Lauren at Macy's on 34th street and 57th and 5th store and Rodeo Drive LV store (Ramon or Nadine).
    Thanks you guys are the greatest!:tup::tup::tup:
  14. Rodeo Drive - has the most inventory and great street!