Best LV shoulder bag?

  1. I'm on the lookout for my next LV. There are several I like but my choices must come from the shoulder bag family. As much as I love my Speedy, its so much more convenient when I can just put the bag on my shoulder and go :yes: .

    What do you consider/recommend as the best LV shoulder bag?
  2. Cabas piano or batignolles. I am bias to the cabas though, as I own one, and love the look :smile:
  3. Batignolles Horizontal
  4. BH or the Baggy Gm in Green
  5. Cabas Piano, Poppincourt Haut, Hudson..... there are so many I love!!!
  6. I recommemd you the bagtinolles either horizontal or vertical.
  7. I love the Epi Noe. I also like the Baggy, Cabas, and BH too.
  8. It's hard to decide, how much do you want to spend, carry, ect. Go and try em all on! And get some free champagne! My fave is the sac rabat style.
  9. I have the Petit Noe and I love it :heart: :love: .

    I really need a black bag but for Louis, I'll sacrific color :P
  10. Petit Noe (one shoulder strap ROCKS!!!).:love:
  11. Gotta go w/ teh Batignolles Horizontal!
  12. I'm partial to the Cabas Piano because I have one :smile: I carried it last week and loved it! It's so functional, looks great carried on the shoulder and is very comfortable and easy to reach in.
  13. I like the shapes of the BH and PH [​IMG]
  14. I'm loving the Passy GM and the Taiga Ivan but I'm not sure if the Ivan fits on the shoulder. Does anyone know?
  15. I love the Passy! It's on my wishlist, in red, of course :heart: