Best LV purse for a girl?

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  1. After hearing from some one that the koala wasn't the greatest, I was wondering which would be the best, my girlfriends petite but I think most of them would work, apart from LV shes only seen a prada coin purse that she would use, but has nothing for cards or cash.
  2. The snapped bill fold and coinpurse is kinda hot, esp in MC. :smile:
  3. I love the Zippy and Eugenie.
  4. zippy!!!!! or pochette wallet.
  5. maybe a suhali compact zippe. its super cute
  6. ITA!!! :tup: Or MC Zippy Coin Wallet, if she's into a smaller sized wallet!
  7. i LOVE the koala wallets! I had a snapped billfold & coin purse that bit the dust & i'm going to get the monogram koala wallet to match my koala agenda whenever i can stop spending all my money on bags.
  8. :tup::tup: