Best LV mono SLG?

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  1. Our store had 2 mini pochettes yesterday (monogram) in stock and 2 more (DE & Mono....I bought them) about a month ago. They are still producing them. My SA said they just arrived in the store yesterday and one sold over the phone while I looked at a handbag. Hopefully customer service can help you as well.
  2. Yes and I was just told they will be replenished in about 4 weeks - so call the 800 number or stop in to LV
  3. I agree with the Key Cles since the neverfull will come with a pouch that can be used as a clutch, make up bag, catch all, etc.
  4. I agree with the key pouch. You will be getting the pochette that comes with the Neverfull, so you may want to see how useful that is to you first before you buy another pochette. I also love the mini, but it is hard to get. I have the Clemence wallet and love it, but it is no longer available in monogram online, so I'm not sure if the stores will still have it.
  5. I love my monogram rose ballerine 6 key holder. Houses all my keys and so nice and compact in any bag. I also love my emilie wallet in the same print. I agree with everyone else that has said the key pouch and mini pochette. The mini pochette holds so many things and is an amazing catch-all in your bag.
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  6. Mini Pochette, hands down. Love that you can use it on its own as a little mini bag! Keep in mind that the pouch that comes with the Neverfull is flat. That really affects what you can carry in it.
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  7. That's exactly how I've been using it! :smile: Since my life style is driving my car everyday in suburb city = I just grab this little key pouch only and go for a quick errand when I don't need to carry a bag, example to go to lunch or Starbucks, and go to grocery and drop off my car at the wash service or drop off my pets at pet salon. It was also so handy when I dropped off and picked up my kids from school in the past ( my kids are grown now )
    I've been using only this key pouch for these kinds errands daily and such a smart little thing in my life. I think it is the best for a daily car user like me. :smartass:
    I also use my mini pochettes or PAs in both mono and DE in my larger bags. I agree either are very useful SLG as many members mentioned as well :flowers:
  8. This. I have a mini pochette and want(ed) the larger one - even though it’s super hard to find right now. But I got a neverfull and have found the pochette it comes with to be so useful that I feel I no longer need the larger pochette (PA).

    That being said I have a cles too and love it. I keep my car key fob in it and house keys on the chain. When I go out for the night and use my smaller bags, I just throw in my ID, a card an and some cash and it’s perfect as a mini wallet as well.
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  9. Key pouch for sure! It really holds a lot too
  10. I would go for the Clés or key pouch. Such a versatile and cute piece.
  11. LOL. Reading your post, my life just flashed by, except my kids aren't fully grown yet. And I don't have a mini PA. I guess it should work for my lifestyle ... I do have the key cle and PA (2 each). Use them every and love them.
    OP, it doesn't matter what you get first. You most likely will get the rest. My suggestion is, get them when you can before they discontinue and/or increase price.
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    Just got on the waitlist for the Mini PA in DE. Told it’ll be a month in Toronto. Maybe 3 months for the monogram.

    Wait list exists, at least up here. You just need to provide your credit card and they’ll charge it once it comes in. If I change my mind, I can always return it.

    Since your neverfull comes with a pouch, I’d suggest the 6 ring card holder in MONO. Priced well and it fits quite a few credit cards as well. I use that as my wallet most of the time. Only thing that’s irritating is that my fob for my car is bulky so it has to hang out of it. Or the key/cles pouch, but all three designs are sold out up here in Canada.
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  13. In no particular order.
    • 6 key holder
    • cles
    • round coin purse
    • wallet
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  14. .
  15. I vote for the key pouch.
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