Best LV line for an everyday bag?

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  1. i think the popincourt haut one would be better for everyday just because it has shoulder straps which will free up ur hands
  2. I think the monogram canvas and epi leather (in that order) are the most durable of the LV line. However, the regular epi (not the soft one) can be quite stiff and will take some time getting use to.

    I agree with mrsjimmyh about the Popincourt Haut. You can't argue the fact it is a shoulder bag, which is practical for everyday use. Let's face it, you will get tired at some point carrying the Speedy by hand.
  3. I love the classic shape of the speedy.
  4. I saw 2 girls at school carrying the Monogram Canvas speedy 25 today and I WANT ONE NOW TOO! They (the bag, not the girls lol)are sooo cute!! But I'm waiting for the Damier Speedy to come out though... hee hee.
  5. I like the popincourt haut for everyday rather than the speedy since its a shoulder bag.
  6. I have a pic of the Epi Speedy 25 in my thread "Speedy 25" if it helps.
  7. I'd go with the Speedy because it's a classic, but the Popincourt is more practical since it's a shoulder bag.
  8. the monogram canvas is a great everyday bag, its resistant to dirt and scratches
  9. I personally like the Speedy better.
  10. The best line (in terms of material?), would probably be a damier bag. Since it has no vachetta on it, you don't have to worry about water stains, they are weather proof ! With monogrammed canvas, you have to worry about rain or snow, and some people (myself included) don't really like the patina.

    I'd have to second Noriko's popincourt haut suggestion though, I LOVE shoulder bags, and the speedy just isn't as practical since it's a top handle.. unless you have ridiculously skinny arms.
  11. Well...since I have both (well, i have the 30) I'll have to say that it depends on your personal preference. Do you like to carry bags or have them on your shoulder. I use both just depending on my I have tons of running around to do, will I be carrying a lot, etc.
  12. I love my Speedy, but would have to say go with a shoulder bag for every day. I have a kid and a dog and when I'm out with either or both, I definitely need both hands free! The Popincourt Haute is a very nice looking bag. I have the Batignolles Horizontal and the Petit Bucket, and both are also great shoulder bags.
  13. I agree with PSEUB, plus consider the Vavin GM that's a fabulous shoulder bag.
  14. Or...although its not always fashionable, get the speedy and the shoulder strap, attach the strap only when necessary. I have done that over the years when my arm/hand looses circulation!