Best LV for traveling? I was thinking of getting a Mon Monogram Keepall

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  1. for a travel bag. I don't have one. But, what is the best size for travel if I want to be able to use it as a carryon?
  2. I love the 45 w/strap. I think it's the perfect size for a carry-on/overnight bag.
  3. if i have to take stuff for more than two days i take my keepall50. my SA told me not to take the keepall55, because it might cause trouble as a carry-on if fully packed.
    for one or two days i use to travel with my greenwich pm, which is really great expecially for travelling by train.
  4. I agree!
  5. Get the Keepall, with a strap!

    I got my Damier 50 without a strap and I regret it, as it gets really heavy.
  6. Keepall 50 with a strap works for me.
  7. Keepall or greeenwich.. I want both lol
  8. take a look at the carryall. :biggrin: Its what I use as a carryon bag. Along with my purse/bag of the day.
  9. keepall 45 or 50!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  10. any keepall size w/strap...
  11. My personal fave is the 45 with a strap!
  12. Yeah, get the mono keepal 45 with shoulder strap. I think it's super convenient.
  13. i alsp prefer the keepal 45 with shoulder strap
  14. I have the mono keepall 55 with strap...I've traveled to Europe and back for a week each time and it holds everything. The strap comes in handy as the bag can get heavy! But CenterStageBLN is right, on certain airlines, a fully-packed 55 may cause some trouble, especiallly if you're on a smaller plane (that happened once when I was en route to Las Vegas and took those smaller regional planes).

    Any keepall with a strap will be fabulous for traveling! Would definitely suggest spending more $$$ for the strap. Makes running around a lot easier!
  15. I vote for mon monogram keepall 45 cm...
    It's the perfect size for short travels and looks good on smaller builds.