Best LV event yesterday

Jun 5, 2006
I attended the event at Saks NYC last night and had the best time. I knew the evening was off to a great start when they actually gave out party favors:yahoo: Each guest got a vernis or epi(males) bracelets with New York 2009 stamped inside. I couldn't believe it.. a free bracelet:yahoo:

Once you entered the floor it was completely transformed to a beautiful garden. Photographer at one taking pictures of the famous on one end and official LV craftsman at the other end. I was in complete awe watching on person make a noe right in front of me and the other was hand painting a hard sided trunk. There were also tons of LV pieces being displayed was truly beautiful.

The cruise collection was featured and there were a few items which were stunning and if I had the cash I would buy in a heartbeat; the sequined evening bag with a drawstring, forget the name, and there's a RTW evening jacket that's stunning..too bad it's $5,000:graucho: and then there's the beautiful limited edition silk Sprouse scarf (yes, I will be picking that up)

Collectively it was a great event, with plenty of champagne and people watching. Did I mention I saw Serena Wiliams? Can't wait for the next one.