Best LV Diaper Bag?

  1. Hi everyone! I've "successfully" trimmed down my LV collection to bags I actually use and although I've promised myself not to buy any more (because I am becoming a terrible Bal addict as well) I am thinking that I want a monogram bag to use as a diaper bag. I'm due in a few weeks and would appreciate some advise from the moms here who've used their LV bags that way?

    I've looked at the Mini Lin diaper bag and am not a fan. I need a bag that can be worn over the shoulder to carry diapers, a changing pad, a couple of outfits, some wipes and small items, along with my personal things. I breastfed my 2 older boys and am planning to do so with my daughter as well so I don't think I'll need to carry any bottles around. Any suggestions? I have the Cabas Mezzo but am actually giving that up (I don't get to use it much and the size/shape just doesn't work too well for me).

    Offhand I am thinking Batignolles Vertical (big one)/Horizontal vs Neverfull MM (but what a long waitlist)? Any other options I am missing out on? Thanks!
  2. Other suggestions:
    -Azur Saleya MM
    -MC Aurelia MM or GM
    -Damier Chelsea
  3. I'd go with a neverfull.
  4. My sister uses a multi-pli cite, it's the biggest size . It has great outside pockets and she loves it.
  5. I use my BH for this purpose.
  6. I am pretty sure LV sells a specific bag as a diaper bag, right?
  7. Yes, they do carry a Diaper Bag in Mini Lin but I'm not a fan. I'm looking for something that will serve the purpose without screaming "diaper bag." I also don't think the fabric is worth the price.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'll be sure to check them out. At least when I visit the store I won't drive the SA crazy since I have a few specific things in mind:smile:
  8. I would definitely go with a regular bag and not a "diaper bag" You LV will far outlive the diaper years, so why not get something you will use for years to come? I bought the petite noe when my oldest was born and used it as a diaper bag. He's almost 17 now and the bag still looks fantastic! I liked the drawstring closure. It held just the right amount and if I went out shopping with my friends, I took out the diapers and off I went with a fashionable bag.
  9. I love the idea of a Chelsea as a diaper bag. And I know you're getting rid of it but the Mezzo would make a great diaper bag and you already own it.
  10. i have a bh and am also pregnant (very early stages). right now, i use my bh as my everyday throw around bag and i can put my daughter's (she's 7 years old) extra clothes, snacks and ballet shoes in them. it still has room for more. so i'm guessing that would serve as my diaper bag as well. go with the bh if you live in a place where you don't have to worry about an open-top bag.
  11. Hi HipNYCMom,

    I'm where you're at...except I don't have any LV bags. :smile: But, I do have some Bal bags. Lately, I've also been thinking of getting a monogram bag to use for my diaper bag (3 kids, too). I saw the Neverfulls while they were still in stock on eLuxury, but then thought I wanted a Goyard St. Louis instead. So, I got the Goyard, but ended up returning it. It just didn't look right on me. So, now I'm back to the monogram idea. I saw a LV Noe in Lucky magazine -- what about that? That way you can have your hands free for the other two kids. I'll be curious to know what you end up with.
  12. I did my share with carrying diaper bags ... but IF I had to again, I'd get the mc aurelia gm ... it'll go really good with your Bbags.
  13. Thanks everyone! SO much to choose from!!! I have a couple of petite noes but I think they are too small for the purpose (my own things kind of fill them up enough). I did think the Cabas Mezzo would make a good diaper bag but I'm only 5'2" (5'3" on a good day LOL) and it gets a bit awkward for me to carry. The NOE might actually work, but as the Bal ladies here might have heard I JUST made an unexpected (and oh- am I happy!) Bal purchase and have thus lost my diaper bag budget!!!! Of course this doesn't mean I'm not visiting the LV boutique - just that it may be more of a window shopping one instead of an actual shopping one (or maybe I'll have to return my Sunset Boulevard in exchange. Does anyone here really get to use theirs? I'm guessing it's not such a practical bag but I do love the idea of it)
  14. My friend used the reporter bag, it is cute and it looks great on a guy too!
  15. SO I realized I had 1 day left to return my beautiful, new, unused Sunset Boulevard (purchased a month ago almost and still has not seen the light of day - sigh). I looked at most every bag you wonderful people suggested and out of all of them, the Saleya seemed the most practical. My only problem with it is the rolled handles (I can never keep them from slipping off my shoulders) but had decided I could live with that and asked for 1 in Damier Azur. While the SA was looking around I spotted a Damier bag in the men's section which seemed to be perfect for my purposes, and it turns out they had it in Azur as well:smile: So here are the pics of my new acquisition, the LV Naviglio in Damier Azur:smile:

    It's my first "boxy" bag but surprisingly, it's not stiff. I like how it has these "flap" pockets in front and at the back (wipes? changing pad?) and another slit pocket inside. i also REALLY love the adjustable shoulder strap.
    DSC00906.jpg DSC00910.jpg DSC00911.jpg DSC00912.jpg DSC00913.jpg