Best LV Carryon

  1. Hi everyone.
    Would like some opinions on what you see to be as the best 'Carryon' or travel purse from the Louis Vuitton range. I do not want a suitcase or large sized piece of luggage, just a purse large enough to fit any neccesities for my flights (Cell, Wallet, Water, Snacks, Magazines, pashmina/blanket etc.) A while back I did want the Cabas Alto but since they have stopped making these I found it hard to get hold of a good quality used one but this is the kind of size/capacity I'd like. I carry round a lot of stuff!
  2. I use the monogram carryall. I love it, it isnt very big but can fit a butt load.
  3. I use my Speedy 40. I would probably buy the carry on if I could afford another one right now.

    The Carryall is 16.1 X 12.2 X 11 and is $1,100

    The Speedy 40 is 16 X 10 X 7.5 and is $670

    So I guess whichever one is closer to your price range.

    I put a TON of stuff in my Speedy 40, I had magazines, digital camera, food, blanket, jewlery, and more stuff and it wasn't even full!
  4. I just took my Black Denim Cabas GM to Hawaii - and it was FAB! Perfect for the plane and for toodling around town. The flexibility of the crossbody strap or the armstraps, which I can also slip over my shoulders if I don't have a coat on, is terrific. And I got tons of compliments.
    It also has the adjustable side straps so you can make it smaller or bigger.
  5. I like the keepall 45. It is a great price!
  6. I think every bag with much vachetta is out (putting the bag on the floor or on that screening belt-not good with vachetta:nogood:so no Manhattan GM, no Lockit in monogram...
    Nothing with an open top as it could tumble over in the overhead locker:nogood:so no Neverfull, no Hampstead, no passy...
    Nothing where everything gets disorganised and you would have to dive into your bag while someone might be sitting 30cm besides you who might be not delighted by an elbow in his face:nogood:so (hard to say) no speedy How about:
    Saleya:three sizes, caefree damier and a zipper,
    Noe or Noe pm in epi
    the new epi tote (Madeleine??)
    Berkeley (if it ever comes)
    Ribera mm
    I think damier would be the best as it is the most durable imo
  7. I have a Saleya GM and use it for a carry on about 4 times a month. It works out very well. I love it. It is plenty large enough for all of your stuff, including a laptop if you want.
  8. speedy 40 for me.

    but i was thinking of getting the deauville......
  9. I'm glad you asked because I was wondering the same! I was leaning towards the Carryall.
  10. I don't have it but I would say Carryall. Love the look of it.:tup:
  11. I love the Carryall.
  12. Speedy 40, Keepall 45, or Saleya GM
  13. carryall, keepall45, speedy40. you can't go wrong with any of these bags. and the price is great too!
  14. The Carry all is nice.
  15. I have the damier chelsea-wonderful bag!
    I don't travel much, so wanted a bag that was multipurpose and this is it.
    I love the red lining and its a great everyday tote and workbag. It holds much so great for carryone-I especially love the chocolate brown leather trim-sooooooo rich!!!!
    Got it at elux last year, one of my best LV purchases. :heart: