Best LV Boutique Experience

  1. Because I've been hearing some pretty bad experiences from LV boutiques, I want to share a place that I thought I got the best service: Louis Vuitton in Horton Plaza (San Diego). I've been to four different boutiques in Southern California, and I feel that I got the best service from this one. On two occasions, I've sent one bag to a different boutique; Horton called me immediately upon receiving the package. The manager was so friendly and detailed; he even mailed me an invoice of my repairs. The other boutique I actually had to call and check up on two days after they received it, and the SAs didn't seem very knowledgeable/didn't seem to care. And I didn't receive an invoice. I'm not a frequent customer to LV (since I buy most of my bags online), but I felt really comfortable with the service. This is also the furthest boutique of the four that I've been to, but I'm willing to drive the extra 5 miles to go there. I don't know about others who shop in San Diego, but I definitely recommend this one. :yes:
  2. Glad to hear that since others have posted some bad experiences. I too have been lucky with good customer service with the LV boutique in Portland OR. TFS!
  3. Personally I thank my stars that I get good service at the bloor location in toronto, but I belive that everyone gets good servie there too from what my friends who occasionally buy there tell me.
  4. Aww its so nice to hear good boutique experiences!! :smile:
  5. I've been to the Horton LV and I agree, I was just looking around but they were so nice and helpful. Everyone is attentive without being pushy:smile:
  6. Do you live in San Diego County?
  7. Portland, OR and Toronto...I'll keep these in mind...;)
  8. :yes: Yes sweetie, Horton is the best by far. I'm also from San Diego County and even though I live closest to Fashion Valley I avoid that store like the plague. Everyone in there is so snooty and unhelpful. Last time I called them to see what denim line they had in stock and the girl had the nerve to say "I'm really busy right now, you're going to have to call back" and HUNG UP.
    It's a pain to have to park in the horton plaza garage (I somehow always get lost even when I know my vegetable haha!) but the great service is worth it.
  9. that's great to hear that you've found a boutique that is able to meet your needs
  10. I'm from North County, so it's a pain to drive all the way to San Diego! I was actually talking about Fashion Valley for my bag repairs (comparing it to Horton). I've heard a LOT of bad things about Fashion Valley; too bad I didn't know about it until it was too late. I did speak to a girl, though; she was REALLY nice to me on the phone...and there was another woman I spoke to and she was okay...but for everybody else? It seemed like they didn't really care...
  11. I bought my damier speedy from horton and I had excellent service! my mother bought her popincourt haut there also and her SA was so friendly catered to her every need! Despite the small store, I enjoy going there because it is never crowded and so much more intimate unlike the FV LV...
  12. taipei 101's lv service was so nice and fab :heart:

    ALL the SA's were wonderful and gracious, i miss my taipei :tear:
  13. Yup I do! I haven't been to Horton in a long time though, might drop by tomorrow :idea:

    I'd rather spend my money there if I am indeed buying an azur item, I agree with ajamesgrly, it's always less crowded than Fashion Valley. :yes:
  14. :true: SO and I were there for a good 15 minutes and nobody came to help. Though when I spoke to the manager (I think he was the manager anyway) he was nice enough:smile: I would've called back and given that girl an earful though! That's just RUDE:rant:

    I always get lost in horton's garage despite knowing my vergetable too!:roflmfao:
  15. i ALWAYS get lost in the garage too!! so from now on, I never park in the vegetable garage, I always end up getting lost, losing my car, getting out of the wrong now I always park in the fruit garage at the Nordstroms entrance, as long as I park there, I never get lost and I always find my car! why can't they just number their levels?! geez...even getting around the mall is a's like a maze!! KWIM?:confused1: