Best Lv Bag For Mommy?

  1. I'm thinking of getting a shoulder bag for mommy, cos she doesn't like handhelds. It'd be better if it has only one strap, cos she often complains of the outer strap falling off her small shoulders.

    Here's what I'm considering:
    Mono Tulum PM/GM
    Damier Highbury (expensive!)
    Not sure if she'd like the Damier Ravello GM too

    Any other ideas? TIA!
  2. Need MORE INFO!
    What kind of size and material is she looking for? What her build and what will she need to carry

    and Vernis Brentwood in Pomme
  3. Mono Tulumis very cute, but have you thought of the Bat. Horizontal or Vertical???
  4. The Viva Cite bags are nice and only have one strap...

    The GM:

    and the MM:
  5. How about a Epi Noe? I have heard nothing but great things about them, plus epi is so easy to care for.
  6. I would suggest the mono petite noe' is a fabulous mommy bag (speaking from experience). It has one strap and doesn't fall off my narrow shoulder. Easy access too.
  7. I just gave my mom a BH and absolutely adores it.
  8. Petit Noe is great, if that is not organized or dressy enough how about the cite or the brentwood. The batignolle is great but has two straps.
  9. The Noes are really cute and roomy I agree, but not sure if she would think it's too casual. Thanks for the pics of the Cite bags! They are quite classy looking too, but kinda boxy though...

    Oh gosh so hard to decide, something she can use when she goes out with friends for lunches/dinners/shopping, but not those formal occasions.
  10. The Viva Cite GM would be nice :smile:
  11. ITA :yes:
  12. I love the Batignolles, but it doesn't stay on my narrow shoulders at all - I did buy it for both of my daughters - but I just couldn't use it, so if she has narrow shoulders - I don't recommend it because at least one strap will fall constantly. I love the Tulum bags though - perhaps the Tulum MM?
  13. i think Savyblonde's suggestion is good...........i love the noe in mono!
  14. I would go for the Mono Petit Noe as well .... love the style of it. :love:
  15. A good bag would be:

    Petit Noe
    Messenger bags (Musette, Reporter, Abbesses, Trocadero, etc.).