Best LV bag for Mom?

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  1. My Mom is not familiar with LV styles - she has never had any LV bags, she has a few Gucci pieces but that's it. I want to buy her a nice LV bag that she can use often. What do you think is a good bag for her? Maybe the Cabas Piano? Is there anything similar to that in Damier? She gravitates towards totes.

  2. Damier is a great choice, my mom is in love with damier because of the dyed leather and the fact that it's subtle.

    Here are two that come to mind:
    Damier Parioli - $850
    Manosque PM - $1,030

    If you have the time, you can always SO a damier cabas piano. You're a great daughter btw!
  3. What? Does this mean that you can special order any of the regular line bags (monogram canvas) and have it made in the damier canvas? That would be so awesome!
  4. would take about 6 mths though.:sad2: I called about ordering one and that's what the LV SA said.
  5. yes, my SA says it takes 6-8 months and costs about 30% more than the monogram one.
  6. In response to the orig question, how about the Damier Alma? It's a very mature bag and would look great w/ a suit or jeans for the mature woman.
  7. Ouch and that is a long time to wait!
  8. OMG, I would love a Damier Piano for my Mom...and myself!

    6-8 months is a long time. Do they take a 50% deposit first?
  9. I just found a picture of a fake Damier Piano but it's to get an idea of what it could look like.

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  10. Now that's classy! I wouldn't mind having that to travel!
  11. If she'd like something in the damier print, why don't you just wait for the Speedy. It's due out in a few months !
  12. 0o0o0o, a damier speedy! that would be nice! But i do think the Alma is quite nice too, i would buy my Mum one! Good luck :biggrin: You're a GREAT daughter!!!
  13. It just occured to me....can you get styles made in the epi?

    I think my mom won't like the Alma...she loves her totes. But still it's a beautful bag!
  14. SO a cabas piano in damier would be so lovely...the wait would kill me, but i'd LOVE to have that bag.

    otherwise since she likes totes, the cabas piano is lovely of course, don't forget about the luco and the vavin.

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  15. If you're not looking for a tote, I think the pink Marjorie is a great choice. Its not too dull or too dark (like damiere), not too mature-looking and cheerful in a sweet motherly way. And its stylish in its niched auntie-ways lol. And people ain't gonna think its a fake. I am gonna get my mom this bag. I'm sure she'll love it.