Best LV Bag for everyday use: NOT SPEEDY

  1. Hey everyone! I want a new lv but I already have a speedy and I want something different.

    What's your favorite bag for everyday use?
  2. How much do you carry on a daily basis? For'd be the papillon 30 or petit noe.
  3. BH for sure then my pap 26.
  4. I'd say BH :yes:
  5. Cabas Piano and Baggy GM...or petit Noe depending on my mood. :smile:
  6. my Damier Papillon 30, Josephine PM or Popincourt Haut
  7. def a shoulder bag. depending on how much you carry. BH, PAP or baggy
  8. BH or petit noe
  9. I love my Popincourt Haut and Batignolles for everyday use, but if you carry more items then I'd say go for the Batignolles Vertical/Horizontal.
  10. Petit Noe Or Papillon 26
  11. Damier Saleya
  12. I think the Manhattan GM is a great bag for everyday. It'll look sophisticated with jeans and a tee, or can be dressed up. I think it's a great size and it'll keep anyone organized! Plus it's gorgeous... :love:
  13. i don't have it yet but my next purchase is either gonna be a petit noe or a b.h. i think either one would make a good everyday bag.
  14. I love the noe :smile:
  15. I really love my ellipse PM. I hardly ever see it in person, and it's sooo cute.